Saturday, February 5, 2011

Boy, Are They TICKED OFF!

Our newspaper has a feature 6 days a week called Ticked Off.  People can call the newspaper or send them an email with a short message about what ticks them off.

Sometimes I just shake my head at what ticks people off...
"I'm ticked off about the stupid marching bands that play at half-time at football games"
"I'm ticked off at the stupid government"
"I'm ticked off at vending machines that spit your money out too fast"

I guess if it makes you feel better to take the time to complain about that, OK.

Sometimes I agree with the things that tick people off...
"I'm ticked off that you can't drive two blocks without seeing someone run a red light"
"I'm ticked off that people only donate to charities at the Holidays and ignore them the rest of the year"
"I'm ticked off at people who aren't prepared to go through security at the airport by taking off their shoes and emptying their pockets and throwing out their bottle of water."

Sometimes I snort at the things that tick people off...
"I'm ticked off at the man in front of me at the middle school concert who wouldn't stop farting!"
"I'm ticked off that people on the food channel are constantly stuffing food in their mouths"
(Ummmm, it's the FOOD CHANNEL?)
"I'm ticked off at people who use public restrooms and don't flush. See the lever on the toilet? it functions JUST LIKE the one at your house. Push it when you are done and WATCH SOMETHING AMAZING HAPPEN!!"
I have blogged before about  things that tick me off. I have another one to add.

I walk a 3 mile loop around our development. Every half mile or so, there is a dispenser for plastic "puppypoop" bags and a disposal container. I am totally ticked off at the amount of puppypoop on the sidewalk and along the edge of it. I hate walking three miles with my head down so I won't step into a fresh pile. I think I am even more ticked off at the people who bag the puppypoop but then leave the bag on the sidewalk! C'mon people!!
Hmmm...Maybe I should send my "ticked off" in to the paper.


Jen on the Edge said...

The dog poop thing drives me nuts. We have the same problem here in my town. I am of the opinion that pets are like children -- if you have them, you need to take responsibility for their messes.

bunny said...

I have dogs, and work for a humane society, but this STILL ticks me off! We ALWAYS carry bags for our dogs (thank you, Publix!) and I really hate it when people think they don't have to clean up the grounds of the shelter! I cannot TELL you how many times I've stepped in poop at work. AND WE HAVE BIG TRASH CANS AND POOPER SCOOPERS ON THE GROUNDS WITH BIG SIGNS!!! Just lack of common courtesy. It's what's wrong with this country. It's all about ME. (Can you tell it TICKS ME OFF??!?!)

Mrs. Tuna said...

I'm ticked off when the high school marching band practices at 6 AM!!!

Audubon Ron said...

I'm ticked off when I see a lady with a full shopping cart in a 20 Items of less line.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Dog poop would tick me off, too!
Hm, today I cannot think of a single thing that ticks me off. Must still be in my Super Bowl haze;)

Suzanne Casamento said...

I totally think you should send the puppypoop "Ticked Off" into the paper. It's a lot more meaningful than the entry about marching bands. (What?!)

I can't believe they have a "Ticked Off" column. How about a "Thankful For" column? ;)

Cat said...

Took Buster for a walk yesterday. Properly used a Publix bag to pick up the poop.

Ticked Off sounds awesome, all newspapers should do that. But then again, isn't that what a blog is for ;)

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

Yes, send the poop one in. I cannot understand why people think it's OK for people to step in crap.

My ticked off: When snowbanks take up about 35 percent of the existing road, you actually need to drive slower. And SUV drivers simply don't get that.

Monnik said...

They leave the bag with the poo in it on the sidewalk? Hm. They may be missing the point.