Friday, January 28, 2011

Hibernation Station

I've turned the Sunshine State Treehouse into a Hibernation Station.

I'm still Non-employed and not looking. Probably in Feb. when I find out Mom's back situation.
I started taking a bunch of new Meds that were chosen by healthcare professionals, strictly on the basis of being on the $4 Generic list.
I somehow whacked my back out last weekend. I blame the Big Bissell Of Evil. 2 days in bed with an ice pack on my butt was helpful.

I talk to people on my phone that actually survived the Potty Swim. Sorority Girl fills me in on Housemate Drama and Cape Cod Kid tells me all about his trip to Atlantic City and his new tattoos (that he didn't get in Atlantic City)
I take 2 to 3 mile walks (if the temperature is over 60) and 2 to 3 hour naps (if the temp is under 60)
I'm doing a book of 80 crossword puzzles at the rate of about 5 a day.
I talk Mom down from her moving/house selling/Nasty relatives anxiety.
I eat Saltines with Peanut Butter for lunch.

I spent 5 hours looking at weather maps and standing on the porch during a wicked storm and tornado warnings.I swore the lightning was hitting our parking lot.

I have pretty much perfected my recipe for Almost Sugar-Free Fruit and Oatmeal Bars.

Blogs, blogs, blogs, facebook, MahJong. Blogs, blogs,blogs, HuffPo, facebook, MahJong.

Today Show, Regis and Kelly, Today Show, The View, News, All My Children, The Talk, Ellen, Oprah, News, Jeopardy. My boyfriend Steven Tyler on American Idol. All caught up on Grey's Anatomy and The Big Bang Theory.

Read...Pillhead: The Secret Life Of A Painkiller Addict by Joshua Lyon...The Shack by William P Young...ROOM by Emma Donoghue.  All three of them made me think about a LOT of things that I can't begin to explain.

The problem with hibernation is that I enjoy it WAY too much.


Becca said...

can I please be your apprentice??????

bunny said...

I want to go to there.

PS, I LOVES me some Steven Tyler on AI. Seriously. Love. He's brills.

blackbird said...

There's nothing wrong with hibernation. For the winter.

Gail said...

Hibernation has been my favorite past time this winter. I especially enjoy the naps.

For your back:
I had this done 5 years ago and the outcome was nothing short of amazing. My neck and back just started to give me grief again (plus other things) so I went for another treatment on Thurs. I feel like a million bucks (would rather HAVE the million bucks though). I'm going back for another treatment. The practioner says that my body responds well to the treatment so I only need the two.

Loretta a/k/a Mrs. Pom said...

Sometimes we just need to hibernate. Listen to your body and rest up. And send me the recipe for fruit and oatmeal bars.

Mrs. Tuna said...

looking mighty busy in Florida

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I find it SO funny to think of someone hibernating in Florida! But good for you--and I hope your back feels better soon.

Monnik said...

I love the idea of hibernation! Especially in Florida.

I read ROOM not too long ago too. Crazy/disturbing read, but I couldn't put it down. I'm reading Jonathan Franzen's Freedom now - and am really enjoying it.

Hope your back feels better!

et63 said...

OMG!! Not sure where I have been ... but what a great lil writer you are!!! I was belly laughing at some of your comments and I can't thank you enough!!! Thanks too, for your comment on my upcoming venture!! It really means a lot, seeing as I want to say I have met you, but now suffer from CRS (can't remember s*&t!) I am happy that you and "Mr Sunshine" have made such a positive change. I often time think it is hard for people with Type 2 as I think it requires such a drastic change for so many. KUDOS to you both!! I appreciate you referring to me as "brave", but I really don't see it that way. I was dealt a hand, and I chose to play it out as best I can ... that really is all we can do. I do, however, feel I have a knack for putting the "Fun" in dysfunctional .... heheheh ... Peace and Light!!!

PS: keep up the great writings!!
Maybe we should hook up and write a book .... hmmmmm :D

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

I am dreaming of a treetop hibernation right now. Enjoy,and looking forward to trying the perfect Fruit Bar recipe.

trash said...

I am reeeeeaaaaaaaally looking forward to coming out of hibernation. UK Winters suck.