Thursday, November 18, 2010

NaBloPoMo: Day 18- Smellavision

I'm doing National Blog Posting Month with a twist. Every day I'll write 5 things about a specific topic.

NaBloPoMo Day Eighteen- 5 favorite smells. I wish you had smellavision.

1. Vanilla- Extract, candles, body wash. I think I first fell in love with vanilla when I was 16 and baked my first batch of chocolate chip cookies from scratch.

2. Cinnamon - Whole, ground, candles. I've made those Christmas ornaments that you make with cinnamon, cloves and Elmer's glue. Sometimes I add it to recipes that don't call for it.

3. Carnations- When Mr and Mrs Sunshine were poor college students I didn't want him to spend money on roses for special occasions. I was perfectly happy with a bouquet of carnations and daisies. When I got married, my bouquet was white carnations and daisies. My favorite bouquets are still carnations.

4. Cigars- My grandfather used to smoke cigars when  I was little. When I worked at Pottery Barn, there was a cigar shop next door. If I walked through a small courtyard to the parking lot, you could smell the smoke coming out of the smoking room.  The wax in my scent burner right now is called Hemingway.It is apple, sandalwood, cedar and spice but I think it smells like a really good cigar.

5. Bleach- When I was a lab tech, one of the ways we used to disinfect the countertops was to flood them with bleach, let it sit a bit and then wipe it off. I learned to associate to the smell of bleach with being really clean. I still love the smell of white towels that have been washed with bleach. After I scrubbed the tub this week, Mr Sunshine grabbed a bottle of bleach and sprayed it all over the tile grout. I can still smell it in the shower...Mmmm.


blackbird said...

1. Vinyl. As in a new shower curtain.
2. Asphalt, right after rain.
3. Paper cups.
4. Cedar shavings.
5. Dirt.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Except for carnations, I like all these smells. Even bleach! It smells like swimming to me.
My one grandpa smoked cigars. I'm quite fond of the smell of a pipe, too.

Crazy Mom Tats! said...

Not a bleach fan. But I do love the smell of fresh pine (as in a natural Christmas tree). And freshly mown grass. Oh, and honeysuckle.

I went to see a movie that was in Odorama once. It starred Divine and we were handed scratch 'n sniff cards as we went in. Weird!

bunny said...

1. The beach
2. Leather (take me into a Coach store and I die!)
3. The top of a baby's head
4. Gardenias
5. Youth Dew (reminds me of my mom) or White Shoulders (reminds me of my grandmother)

Marthavmuffin said...

Love me some carnations too! Not so much for the smell but I just think they are the greatest for bouquets. I also had them at my wedding and prefer them to more costly (and not as long lasting) as roses.