Thursday, April 30, 2009

Photos: Just Stuff

We went to the Orlando Magic-Philadelphia 76ers playoff game the other night. As you can see, we were sitting in the nosebleed seats, not quite the O-Zone,that was about 5 rows higher (for $22 we weren't complaining). All the blue and white on the seats are the free T-shirts for everyone attending the game. Orlando won 91-78.
Our Spring decor in the store included these butterfly mobiles.
This is my little Lemon tree. I have already transplanted it once, but I think it's potbound again. Yes, those are still the snowflake Christmas lights on the patio.
This Bamboo started as a little $7 bundle from the flea market. I think it needs a bigger bowl. The candle is Fresh Bamboo (Slatkin & Co) and the little silver lizard was a 99 cent napkin ring from a clearance bin.

My Mom is in a choir that sometimes sings at Chapel By The Sea in Ft Myers Beach, FL. This is the stained glass window in the back of the church.

How many little bottles of purse-sized antibacterial gel do you think I've sold in the past 2 days? I'm not a germ freak. I usually only use this stuff after touching germy bathroom doors and germy grocery store cart handles. I also keep one in my car because it's good for taking the smell of gas off my hands after I fill the tank.
With the amount of cash I handle in a day, and the fact that the virus can live on non-human surfaces for many hours, I'm using the gel at work.
They are on a pretty high flu alert in Central FL because of the number of international travelers at the the theme parks. A LOT of people have been tested but so far only 3 samples got sent to the CDC.


Jen on the Edge said...

I *love* those mobiles!!! Must go check the website to see if they're available online.

Jen on the Edge said...

Okay, I'm back. Nope, those mobiles aren't on the website. Bummer.

Missy said...

Ah....Little Miss Sunshine has returned to her blog. I'm with Jen-love those butterfly things! They are so pretty!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

How fun are those mobiles?
These pictures were great--I love the visual of what's going on in your world!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I'm surprised you have any gel left. Our pharmacy is completely out of masks even though the kind you get in drugstores is pretty worthless.

We have 3 school closures.

I talked to my stepsister yesterday and I'm positive she actually had it last week, but she doesn't watch TV much or read newspapers, so she had no idea that if you get the flu in April, after having had a flu shot, during a flu pandemic you really ought to call your doctor.

blackbird said...

That's a sweet (tiny!) lemon tree!
We just put ours outside...will yours make lemons? Tiny lemons?