Monday, April 27, 2009

See Jeanne Read

If you were a little Catholic First-Grader in 1963, you didn't learn to read Fun With Dick And Jane. We never knew Dick and Sally.
The Religious Of Jesus And Mary had a different set of Primer Readers. We had
John and Jean and Judy.

The Catholic Church gave Dick and Jane and Sally the aliases of John and Jean and Judy. That was fine with me. There was a girl in a book with my name!!

Our books had stories like John Helps Judy and Jean Helps Mother.
They snuck our Religion studies into our reading books, with titles like God Made Me, God Sees Me, and Judy And Baby Jesus.

Every day, Mother Mary Angelique made us read out loud. That's where my love of reading started. Not to mention my fascination with nuns. Mother Mary Angelique will return in another post about How The Nuns Dealt With Little Girls Who Had Temper Tantrums.

This post was inspired by Mrs Pom's new header and Badger's treasure trove that is turning up in her office.


loretta said...

I so remember these readers! I think Sister Joseph Fitzgerald was my teacher. And Mrs. Spellman.

Good memories!!

And thanks for the shout out!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I've never heard of these--no surprise since I've never been Catholic, but how cool to have your own primer!
I hope your hand is doing better--you poor woman.