Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Letter Is J

Jen did the meme and I asked for a letter. She assigned me the letter J.
Ten things I like that start with J? How about just 10 things?

  1. JEANNE. I love that my Mom spelled it that way. If it was JEAN I would have the same name as a male cousin. It requires a lot of explanation and spelling it out loud. I will answer to Jeanne (1 syllable) or Jeannie. But not to JEE-ANN or JO-ANN.
  2. JAM. Especially strawberry with big chunks of strawberries.
  3. JAMBALAYA. I got the recipe from high school friends who lived in Louisiana, so I guess it's authentic. It won me a Microwave/Convection oven in a cooking competition.
  4. JAW. One of the first places I got arthritis. By the time I was 16, the right side of my jaw was locking and I had the cartilage removed. It got me out of gym class my entire Junior year of high school.
  5. JULY. It's a big birthday month. My brother-in-law on the 1st, niece on the 3rd, twin nephews on the 5th, Dad's was the 16th, sister on the 22nd and me on the 26th. Yes, I WILL eat cake on all those occasions.
  6. JEWELRY. I have a big box full. I usually wear one small diamond and 2 smaller rubies in my engagement ring, one wedding band, usually 3 earrings in my left ear and one in the right. I wear a cheapo watch. The rest is funky beads on stretchy cord, a few very amateur pieces I've made (someday I'll blog the contents of my jewelry box, junk and all)
  7. joy of cooking. I took it out of the library last month. I'll look through it one more time before I take it back.
  8. Juicyfruit. I loved it when I was young. I wonder if it still tastes the same.
  9. Jury Duty. I've been called to Barnstable County twice but wasn't picked either time. I've been on standby twice and didn't have to go. I got called to that court in Boston where you have to serve for a month, but I had an infant who had surgery a few months earlier and no family living within an hour and I lived an hour from Boston. I was excused.
  10. J in my iTunes. Billy Joel, Elton John, J J Cale, Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, Julia Fordham, James Taylor, Jefferson Airplane, Jewel, Jon Secada, John Lennon and John Mellencamp.


Amy A. said...

juicy fruit is only good for about seven or eight chews and then loses all flavor. Stride needs to take over the flavor and make it last.

Jen on the Edge said...

And in your books I see that you are reading "Julie & Julia" which is an excellent read!

Fortune Cookies said...

In my entire life, I've only met one other person who knew who JJ Cale was... Very glad to see him in your favorite J's!

Monnik said...

Great list! Mmmmm jambalaya.

winecat said...

Oh Little Miss Sunshine it's so nice you're commenting on my blog. Not many people REALLY understand therapy. It's nice to have a friend.

winecat said...

Ok winecat again. Get your own copy of the newest version of the Joy of Cooking. I was given my first copy in 1975, upgraded a couple of times and now it's my go to cook book.

I'm so glad your a reader as well. Have you visited the sites or

Now I'm going to have to go back and read your archives so I can get to know you!