Monday, March 16, 2009


WisDUHm #1- If you walk into the store and rudely wave me away as I'm walking up to ask if you need any help, I might not be too thrilled about helping you the next time you come in. I'll smile and help you, but I won't go above or beyond like I do with our pleasant customers.

WisDUHm #2- If you are a JV Girl's soccer coach at the high school that you went to with my kids, DO NOT have sex with one of your 14 year old players, even if you think she ( and the whole team) is flirting with you. You are an adult, she is a child, it's a small town and everyone knows your parents. Idiot.

WisDUHm #3- If your beloved Black and Decker Iron dies and you replace it with a cheapo $8 iron, it WILL NOT get the wrinkles out of your clothes and 6 months later you will be at BB&B buying a new iron. Little Miss Sunshine State LOVES her new SUNBEAM iron.

WisDUHm #4-When you buy Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs and leave them in the car while you spend 2 hours at a spa and then go grocery shopping on an 80 degree day, they will become a bag of chocolately-peanut buttery mush. I resuscitated them in the fridge and ate them anyway. (Yes, the whole bag in 4 days. I didn't give up chocolate or peanut butter for Lent)

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