Monday, March 9, 2009

Because It's Hard To Stack Oatmeal

Mindy: Why are you making a tower of Cheerios?
Mork: Because it's hard to stack oatmeal.
We had tickets to see Robin Williams last Friday night, but he is having an aortic valve replacement. He hopes to reschedule his shows for Fall. We'll be there.

In other weekend excitement, I helped Mom pack and move 16 boxes to the new Tin Can she is buying in April from one of her friends.
Friday night we played Pokeno for Pennies. I won a buttload of pennies from those senior citizens!
She managed to drag me to church TWICE in 24 hours, once to her Catholic Church and then to the Presbyterian Church where she sang in the guest choir.

Saturday night she was calling me to hurry out to the back yard...."Come and see this!"
Muskhogean? The ducks with the red heads? Mating, out in the middle of the little lake. There was quite a crowd out there watching the ducks. Mating.

It should have been a 3 to 4 hour trip home today. Between one highway shut down for a big accident, one smaller accident, one smoky highway from a brush fire and one stop for gas it took me 6 hours of driving.


Cat said...

Oh, LMSS, please tell me you're not a Robin Williams fan. I absolutely abhor that man. I just want to slip an entire bottle of Ritalin into his drink every time I see him.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Bummer about your show being canceled. Here's to a good time this fall;) Mating ducks--that's probably less disturbing to watch than mating dogs!

Lori Anderson Designs said...

"It's hard to stack oatmeal" -- I'm snorting in gleeful laughter at that one. I've never seen Mork and Mindy but love Robin Williams!