Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ice Cream, You Scream

I LOVE ice cream.

I have loved ice cream since I was a little girl. There was always ice cream in my grandmother's freezer. There was often ice cream in our freezer at home.

Ice cream is a big part of my childhood memories. When we lived in the city there was a Mr Softee truck that came around. I could still sing the jingle if you asked me to.

My Dad had a job at an ice cream shop in the 1950's and could work the scoop to make the ice cream into a perfect round ball sitting on top of the cone. One of our favorite family outings was to go to an ice cream shop that was on a farm where you could see the cows in the fields. We would get our ice cream and then go to the little municipal airport to watch the small planes take off and land.
There was also an ice cream shop in our town that rewarded all A's and B's on a report card with a free ice cream.

If I could, I would eat ice cream every day of the week. I would eat it instead of lunch and have another dish as a snack at night. I love vanilla bean, chocolate almond, strawberry and chocolate peanut butter. I love hard ice cream, soft ice cream, sherbert and frozen yogurt.

Have you noticed that ice cream has gotten very expensive? Have you also noticed that a half-gallon is no longer a half-gallon. Did you notice the picture of the ice cream maker at the top of this post?
Yesterday, I opened a box that hadn't been unpacked in many years and I found my ice cream maker. I also found a website with ice cream recipes. Guess what I'm doing this week?


Jen on the Edge said...

Ben & Jerry's has a cookbook that I highly recommend!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I am an ice cream girl, too. I worked in a parlor for 3 summers and I ate it every shift. It has gone up in price, but I don't care. I'll go without shoes before I go without my ice cream!

Monnik said...

Fun! My mom makes homemade ice cream in the summertime. It reminds me of family reunions.

My favorite flavor is chocolate peanut butter. YUM.

blackbird said...

Just today I noticed that ice cream has gotten expensive. My boys LOVE ice cream and I'm happy to buy it for them (they are skinny kids).
And now that I've read this, I do believe I'm going to have some!

Crazy Mo said...

I HAVE noticed that ice cream is ridiculously expensive! Our grocery store carries Chapmans, which is the least expensive brand (except the generic stuff, which I can't seem to bring myself to buy). Unfortunately, Chapmans has gone peanut free. Which I understand and appreciate. But it makes Heavenly Hash (my fave) a little less heavenly.

Coastal Nest. said...

how about that place called cold stone creamery? Lord, one cone costs you $5!

My man is a ice cream aholic, me not so much, a good peanutbutter milks shake could make my day, once a year.

Can you believe those shoes? Sick, eh? Im sure I had that mortified look on my face!
coastal nest