Monday, February 16, 2009

Poverty Party Cuts The Food Costs

We needed to cut the food costs in January. Mr and Little Miss Sunshine State each have jobs that are dependent on other people buying things our employers sell.

Once again I kept all my receipts, clipped coupons, watched the sales and planned dinners that would ensure leftovers for lunches. A few nights we had "breakfast for dinner". We had gotten a Honey Baked Ham Company Roasted Turkey from his boss at Christmas, so I thawed that out for almost a week's worth of meals.
We interrupt this Poverty Party to talk about JOHN AND PRISCILLA ALDEN.
They were Pilgrims. But they are also sandwiches. There is a small chain of sandwich shops on Cape Cod called Box Lunch. Box Lunch makes rollwiches.
We try to duplicate them, and have come pretty close.

You take a flatbread or large tortilla, spread it with mayo and cranberry sauce, add turkey and onions and stuffing. The Priscilla version adds Swiss Cheese.
Roll it up and eat a Thanksgiving Dinner with your hands!
Here are the January totals compared to November.

TOTAL SPENT: $251.90 $471.19
COUPONS: $65.38 $118.32
MY PEPSI HABIT $12.49 $22.34
JUNK FOOD JUNKIES $21.83 $25.77
NON-FOOD ITEMS $31.59 $??.??
  • We're obviously drinking more water
  • I spent $15 of the non-food money on kitty litter and cat food. Either Tigger gets a part-time job or I need to check out the prices in the pet supply stores.
  • UGH on the junk food spending. I need to bake more cookies. The amount I saved last month was just about the price of one bag of Cape Cod Salt And Vinegar Chips.
  • I counted beer as non-food instead of junk food. It's not junk if you can bake homemade Beer Bread with it!


Fannie said...

But OMG those salt and vinegar chips are the best! I eat them until my tongue is raw, and then I eat some more!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Brava to you! I have been more conscious of buying what I need instead of what I THINK I need--and while Mr. D complains that our cupboards look bare, they're really not--they're just not full of superfluous stuff. You are a saving stud!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

That's a big cut--good for you.

Maggie May said...

you are so cool. i love the way you broke out in a box lunch interruption. and the way you brazenly post your figures. i like your blog!