Friday, February 13, 2009

Four Feelings For Friday

I got a Thank You note from my nephew S6. I bought him a floor puzzle that is the map of the United States. He made me smile.

This week I saw an article on Yahoo News that made me furious. It is about Fibromyalgia, Pharmaceutical companies and Doctors. The doctors are not happy that two drug companies are touting medications for people with Fibro. These are the 2 specific medications that have saved my life. They are the medications that have kept me from running a garden hose into my car and turning on the engine. The doctors are now telling us we have a "murky illness" and "behavior issues".
Kelley writes over at Magneto Bold Too. She is a funny lady. Kelley lives in Australia and she had other things on her mind this week. Her posts this week have been short on words but long on emotion. I've been praying a lot this week for Kelley and her family and friends.
Amanda writes over at Shamelessly Sassy. It was Amanda's birthday this week. She wrote about another baby that was born the same day, at the same hospital.
Put down the liquid refreshment and go read about The Heartburn Baby.


Amanda of ShamelesslySassy said...

Thanks for the link! :)

Cat said...

You know that doctors used to say the exact same thing about MS - not really a disease, all in people's heads, ect., then along came MRI's and low and behold there was proof that it existed.

Cat said...

Oh, and I love that thank you note. It says it all, doesn't it?

Kelley said...

Thanks babe.

And thanks for letting me know about the linkage.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Very funny story! I'm glad for the laugh after all your sadness.