Saturday, January 31, 2009


It's been quite the week of Not-Blogging here.

I've been grabbing as many call-in shifts at work as they want to give me.

I hurt my lower back at Pool Therapy. Isn't pool therapy supposed to be GOOD for my back? This came 2 weeks after hurting my neck at Pool Therapy. Who knew I shouldn't flutter kick or raise my right arm above my head?

I had to make a 3AM emergency Dr Mom visit to Sorority Girl. I hit the 24-Hr CVS on the way and sat up with her for a few hours. Then I came home and soothed my anxiety by Spring Cleaning half of the apartment and rearranging the living room furniture.

I'm working on a Super-Secret-Scrapbooking Project. In the process, I've learned how to emboss photos and change color photos to greyscale and had to do some research for quotes and poems to include. I also learned I could do all this while my aching back was glued to the sofa, while watching ELLEN and MARTHA STEWART.

My best friend in Wisconsin and I have discovered Yahoo IM. We 've been friends for 29 years and never talk on the phone. We have written letters and emails and visited each other. We have rarely lived in the same state. We now IM chat a few times a week

We've been playing Fluctuating Florida Temperatures. A/C to Heat to A/C to Heat. Long sleeves to short sleeves to long sleeves. Flannel nightgowns to T-shirts to Flannel nightgowns. Clogs and socks to Flipflops to Clogs and socks.
Thank the Universe and The Power Of Love every night that I live in The Sunshine State. The sky is blue and the Azaleas are blooming outside my patio.


Cat said...

So you don't miss Mass. winters?

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

My, you HAVE been quite busy. Hope you back feels better soon.