Monday, February 2, 2009

All The Ladies In The Pool

Of all the ladies in the therapeutic pool, I am the youngest.
One piece bathing suits on all.
Into the 92 degrees of watery Heaven, we all sigh and
say "This feels so good".
Some interesting headwear. A crocheted hat, a couple of shower caps and
one fluffy piece of pink yarn tied in a bow.
The ladies get very annoyed if the class doesn't start at 9AM on the DOT.
The fresh-from-the hairdresser ladies won't bend low enough to risk wetting the hair.
The instructor does everything we do, except on the deck and twice as fast.
We walk our laps in different gaits. All together now
Walk forward, walk backward, march, then sideways to music by
Frankie Valle and the Four Seasons.
Sheeeery, Sherry Baby. Big Girls Don't Cry.
A few appear to be line-dancing instead of marching.
Some ladies are friends and chat with each other through the whole class.
Today's topic of conversation: Crazy Octuplet Lady In California.
I just breathe.
45 minutes, then some jockey for positions in the whirpool area,
while others grab a foam noodle and float.
Before we leave the pool, there are high fives all around.
Good Job, Ladies. See You Thursday.


Heather said...

people cannot stop talking about those octuplets, you know?

I hope you're enjoying the class and that it's help alleviate some pain. If nothing else, enjoy the warmth!

Crazy Mo said...

Isn't it funny how other people's conversations are ridiculous and mundane, but ours are quite animated and insightful?

raino said...

that conversation about the octoplets is more popular than the one when JR got shot! anyone remember that ??? or just me lol