Monday, January 26, 2009

Word Association

Velocibadgergirl had a free association word game today.She got it from The Friggen' Cathouse. She got it from Luna Nina.

I chose an older one.
I say...and you think...?

1. Spit it out:: You don't know where that's been!

2. Shadow:: Knows.

3. Database:: Is not yet full.

4. Expression:: of my OCD tendencies

5. Boss:: Bossy

6. Baby:: Makes 4

7. Mystic:: Connecticut

8. Kate:: Holmes is way too thin

9. Boobies:: Saggies

10. Raid:: Kills Ants Dead


Heather said...

I'm afraid this may date me. If I get my courage up, I'll try it ;)

Amy A. said...

I said Mystic::Pizza! That dates me as an 80's girl, I'm sure.

velocibadgergirl said...

Yay! I love seeing other people's meme results. :D

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You had me at "Spit that out!"