Monday, June 30, 2008

Going Home To My Sunshine

Today is my last day of taking care of Mom. I will miss her. She recovered amazingly well from the surgery, but other aspects of her health are still a problem.

I will not miss grey skies, asthma, daily healthcare issues.

I know that after I leave, she will not eat. She will drive before the doctor-approved date of July 15th. My siblings will not call to see how she is doing. They are good people, just have super busy lives and families and jobs.

I got to see my favorite aunt and uncle and all my nieces and nephews and go to the BIG BIRTHDAY BASH for the nephews...20 yr old twins and another one turning 13.

I missed my husband like crazy. I missed my cat. I missed my little apartment. I even missed my job.

I got to see my Cape Cod Kid. It was hard to say good-bye last night, knowing I probably won't see him until January.

Next pics and reports will be from The Sunshine State.


Anonymous said...

Travel safely!

Amy A. said...

It's good to come home.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Safe travels. I hope your Mom continues to do all right. And the Sweetie Sisters sound so delightful. You are a great aunt!

blackbird said...

Safe home...