Sunday, June 22, 2008

When The Sweetie Girls Came To Visit

The Sweetie Girls are the daughters of my brothers. They are 6, 7 and 7-1/2.

When the Sweetie Girls came to visit yesterday, we ate Chinese Food and Chocolate Chip Cookies.
We went for a walk and caught a frog and peeked into the bluebird house to watch the mama bluebird feed her babies.

The Sweetie Girls did cartwheels and handstands and expected Auntie to applaud each one.
They tried to sneak up on the bunnies in the yard and laughed when the bunnies ran away.
They made a fort under the daybed with pillows and blankets.

When the Sweetie Girls went home, Auntie found a trail of ants leading to the Pringles chip that had landed under the hutch in the kitchen.
Auntie had to crawl under the daybed to pick up the Pepperidge Farm Goldfish and her bed pillows.

Auntie had a day of Hugs and Kisses and Giggles and Snuggles.
Almost enought to last until The Sweetie Girls come to visit again.

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like a fun visit.