Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Home With Photos

I arrived home yesterday. A shout out to my new favorite airline. I used to fly Jet-Blue out of Boston, but now that Mom is closer to Providence, I fly SW.
I have NEVER had a delayed or cancelled flight on this airline. Can I say, when you sit over the wing in Row 13 (I'm not superstitious), it is a WAYLONGWAY to either bathroom.
I said goodbye to Mom and all my siblings and all the nieces and nephews. Way to get your cousins to come running? Drive up in your new Jeep.

Goodbye Cape Cod Kid....probably until January. Goodbye 6'3" of Loves His Mom and gives really great hugs
ALL KINDS OF CHANGES at work. New Manager (apparently, not me!), new Dress Code (Holy Schmitt, color at PB!!!!), new salesperson weekly goals and I'll be bumping up from 8 hrs a week to 30 hrs a week (Dear Lord, when will I read all those blogs?!!)


Anonymous said...

Welcome home! Lovely photos; thanks for posting.

blackbird said...

Hmm. Cape Cod boy looks more like Oldest every day.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Wow, sounds like a lot of change in your future! Cute shot of those little kids:)

Loretta said...

Just catching up with you. Must have been hard to leave your Mom, CCB, and CC till Jan, but it's a good sign that you are anxious to get back home to your life.

Amazing tattoo! Whew! Can't imagine sitting still for that - the pain! But gorgeous - looks like a Victorian botanical.