Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Suzy Suck-Up Prize

They do this little "employee of the month" thing at work. I have been named.
Then I named it the Suzy Suck-Up Prize.

Apparently I am a good marker-downer of sale stuff, willing to train the new winter retail forest elves, and I valiantly saved a diabetic's life in the checkout line.
I totally secured my prize by washing the bathroom floors and bringing baked goods for the hungry and weary elves (that was the sucking up part).

Then the district managers got together and decided I was better than their suckeruppers and now I'm the District Suzy Sucker-Upper Supreme. They were just mad because they don't get homemade baked goods.

There is apparently no monetary reward for this but I have some ideas. My subjects will be required to vacuum for me for the next 4 weeks. Some lucky co-worker will be fetching me a White Chocolate Peppermint drink from the place down the block during my shifts. There will be an endless supply of diet coke in the break room fridge. I will have every Tuesday night off. I will have a parking space saved for me in the communal-he-who-gets-there-first parking lot.

I'm not sure if I have to wear a crown. Now I have to look cute every day because a pic of me has to be added to the Wall of Fame.


blackbird said...

Hopefully there's no down side.

(ha! listen to me - all voice of doom! there IS no down side)

pomegrantesandpaper said...

I find that bringing any baked goods to work inflates my stature considerably - for the day. After that, I'm only as good as the next time I bring donuts!