Monday, December 3, 2007

Insomniac TV

I took 4 days off to get Mom settled into her tin-can-in-the-retirement-village. Followed by a 9 hour shift in the Winter Retail Forest. So today, I'm all beat up and posting a rerun.

So....I have this chronic illness. I never know when it will flare up or settle down. .
Someday I'll blog about my wonderful life with FM.Anyway....flare-up=not breathing well=not sleeping well=increased pain=not sleeping well=vicious circle.

This morning at 1:45 I realized sleep was not going happen so I started channel surfing. It's crazy out in TV land at 2AM.
TORI AMOS on Craig Ferguson. wHOO-wHOO. I recently discovered how much I love her and 10 minutes of Tori was NOT ENOUGH!
Chuck Norris punching the crap out of someone.

Lady on the Valencia channel doing origami
Dude talking about Jesus en Espanol
Gangsta wannabe dudes selling cars
Old dudes talking about Erectile Dysfunction.
OH, it's ELLEN on OH. I saw it at 3pm
Burping Camel on Animal Planet. He's actually regurgitating.
A soap opera I don't watch during the day
Commercial for Chewable Birth Control-are they marketing to 9 yr olds now??
History of Salty Snacks on History Channel
Futurama-that lady with one eye and Peg Bundy's voice creeps me out
Dude talking about Jesus in English
CNN- discussion about American that's NEWS!
Movie with Melissa Gilbert by Danielle Steele about some Russian Countess with a horribly sad life and WILD and CRAZY RED HAIR. 3AM....not over yet....4AM not over yet...Holy cow it's Jennifer Garner (age 16) as her sloppy drunk daughter who feels like Mom is neglecting her. 4:30AM....Why didn't they tell me it was a Mini-series!!

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