Monday, December 10, 2007

All Chrissmassy Day 1

It's getting all Chrissmassy around here.
The little guy in the big ball of ornament hooks? That's Joseph. Over the summer he escaped from the box holding the miniature Nativity scenes. He was hiding in a ziplock bag full of ornament hooks. I think he was re-thinking the whole "take Mary to Bethlehem" gig. He was being all "I'm not your baby-daddy" and basically trying out the "deadbeat dad" thing. He was so deep into the ornament hook forest that I didn't find him until we had finished decorating the whole tree. Joseph is so busted. Sorority Girl thinks we should take turns hiding him in various places around the house and play "Find Joseph".
This is my favorite new ornament. It is a fuzzy little bear that feels like a scrub brush. I won him in a team sales challenge at work.

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