Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Love Letter to Mr Sunshine State

( A little background, here) We met in 10th grade. We started dating about a year and a half later. He asked me to marry him 3 months later, while we were slow dancing at a Christmas party. I said yes. Then we waited 5 more years. It was a L....O.....N......G 5 years. We had our 28th wedding anniversary in Sept.

He has held my hand and my heart through a crapload of crap. Most especially my dad's death and my chronic illnesses. He makes me laugh pretty much every day of my life. He worked up to 70 hours a week when my health made it impossible for me to work any significant amount of hours a week.

Dear Mr Sunshine State,
Hi Honey. I'm sorry I gave you the Cold From Hell. I'm sorry you had to sell the Mustang.( and we both know you'll get another one someday). I'm sorry I'm staying at a minimum-wage job because it's about all I can handle. And you know I REALLY am sorry about these things even though you aren't mad about any of them.

I suspect you are cooking up a Christmas Surprise for me. If it is what I suspect and it involves the Cape Cod Kid, it will be the BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT EVER.
I've tried not to cry in front of you, because you would cry, too.

You sort of slipped when you said you were taking care of the Kid's gift. The stuff in the bag was just stocking stuffers and you said you would mail it and take care of his real gift for me. All I was doing was writing a check, so, HUH??? I said "What are YOU doing about his gift????? You said "You'll find out when it is Christmas."

I don't dare hope. But if that's what it is.....I will make your lunch and iron your shirt every day until you retire. I will not talk during football games or sports-talk radio for the rest of my life. And I'll think up some more super-impressive goodies. Because you will be the BEST HUSBAND IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.

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Loretta said...

Your letter to your husband is so moving. I am really touched that you shared such a heartfelt letter with us. You two were obviously made for each other and soulmates.

I am particularly fond of it since I met Mr. Pom in 10th grade. We waited 10 years, though!