Friday, December 21, 2007

Nice and Naughty

NICE: A day to myself, all alone. The new girl at work that made the BEST peanut butter fudge ever and brought a couple of pounds of it to work. The Vietnamese family that runs the little pizza place around the corner.

NAUGHTY: The customer who tried to rip me a new one yesterday. She waited until 12/20 to place a catalog order and is all Chrissmassypissy because it won't arrive until after Christmas because we won't waive the extra $20 for Overnight Shipping for her. TIFFANY'S DID IT!!!!!!!!!!! She's boycotting our store. She's cutting up her Bottery Parn credit card. She's throwing away the $25 REWARD CERTIFICATE we sent her for being a frequent shopper. And she yelled at me and stomped out of the store. I waved and said "Bye! Have a good weekend!"

1 comment:

MadMad said...

WHAT?! She doesn't love Schmottery Schmarn?! It's my favorite! She'll be back (and I hope she apologizes!)