Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What's (Not) Happening Here

Here's what's (not) happening here.
1. I'm not sleeping because I vacuumed 3/4 of the winter retail forest last night and my neck and shoulders are screaming.
2. I'm not eating much....not really hungry. I think the magic thyroid pills are kicking in after 5 months. I feel my new metabolism buzzing through my bloodstream.
3. I'm not doing housework. Mr Sunshine State scrubbed the kitchen floor, scrubbed the grimy stove burner pans, and spot-cleaned the dining room carpet on his day off yesterday.
4. I'm not working this week because Grandma Sunshine State arrives for the winter. I took 4 days off to take her down to the tin-can-in-the-retirement-village where she escapes from the frigid northlands and plays bocci and card Bingo and makes the rounds of endless potluck dinners.
5. I'm not taking pictures of my assortment of tacky holiday earrings because Sorority Girl asked to borrow my camera when she was home last week. Maybe next week.

I'm off to (not) do some more stuff.

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