Monday, November 26, 2007

Deep in the Winter Retail Forest

I'm deep in the winter retail forest. Shifts at work are running 2 to 10pm or 2 to 11pm. Luckily, the customers aren't in desperation mode yet.

I get a little loopy-stupid when I get tired. Tonight we were all chatting about how many siblings we have. One new employee said her siblings were 61,62,64 and she was 69. I blurted out "NO, YOU'RE NOT!!!!!" Turns out she was talking about the years they were born in, not ages. She said if she was 69, she's had some AMAZING plastic surgery.

Did I mention my feet hurt? I don't think there exists a pair of shoes that are comfortable and also PB Dress Code acceptable.

I made Cranberry/Walnut/White Chocolate Chip Cookies and brought some to work for the break table. Two of the kids at work asked me to adopt them! One of them gave me a shoulder massage after we closed.

We do the St Jude's Children's Hospital campaign at the store. Our boss bought a ton of candy bars and everyone is buying them for $1. That will be our employee contribution. I won't ever go buy a candy bar at a store, but put a giant box of them, marked Candy For Kids, on the break table and I am convinced I need to eat a TWIX to get me through my shift.

11:46pm.....still riding the sugar high.

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