Monday, September 3, 2012

NaBloPoMo Sept 3

I haven't done a NaBloPoMo for a long time. The September prompts are all about the senses, so I'll be writing about photos, memories,tastes, beauty and colors.

Today's prompt: Write about one object you see at this exact moment.

On any given day, if you ask me how I feel, I'll say "fine". Truthfully, I probably feel like crap. It has turned me into a hermit. I'm perfectly happy if I only leave the apartment once or twice a week.

My computer is my tether to the outside world. I don't have a smartphone. My phone is so old that I call her Wilma Flintstone. I have  family and friends who might get on their computer once a week. If you send my siblings an email you might get an answer next week.

If you looked at my bookmarks you would think I'm on the computer at least 8 hours a day, and you would be pretty close.

Every day I read at least 15 or 20 blogs and my blog bookmark has at least 65 entries. I have newspapers and magazines, craft websites, pinterest, diabetic cooking, Holiday cooking, Dinner recipes and Dessert recipes. Do you need some Florida Tourism info? I have sites for that. There are organization websites, airline websites and the manual for my 35 yr old sewing machine.

The last time I took a typing test for a job interview, I clocked in at 85 wpm.

I heart my laptop.


Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I have the same computer trouble. Well, my dh thinks it is trouble -- I think it is my lifeline to sanity.

unmitigated me said...

LMSS-I am here from Derfwad Manor! I am here to read and comment and have added you, gladly, to my reader. Everyone that wants readers should have some!

Mary AKA unmitigated me

Gary's third pottery blog said...

(((((hogs and kisses)))) thanks for reading my blob too!

Keetha said...

I'm here visiting from Derfwad Manor, too. When I read your comment there I thought, "Oh! I have a kindred spirit!"

I've thought often of shutting my blog. What's the point, I wonder, blah, blah, blah.

Conventional wisdom says the longer you do something, the better you get; yet I had far more commenters four, five years ago than I do now. What does that say about me? Nothing good, I fear, which is a hard pill to swallow since I want to be/I am a writer by trade.

Anyway, nice to meet you. I'll visit often. :-)

Shelly in So Cal said...

Dropping by to say Hi :)

Visit Sarasota said...

Florida Tourism would be great. It would help bring more people to your blog.