Monday, February 20, 2012

Organization. FAIL. Sort of.

Are you on Pinterest?

Everyone was on a kick back in January of posting home organization ideas. I would look at the pictures of perfect closets and drawers and think "I can do that!"

Yesterday I tackled the pantry closet. At 2 feet wide and 18 inches deep it is the World's Smallest Pantry Closet. We had spilled an open box of Alphabet Pasta twice in less than 48 hours.
 The top shelf (unseen) was not bad...rubbermaid boxes of candy making and few baking supplies, cupcake liners, chocolate chips and 3 boxes of cereal.

Everything on the next shelf was 2 products deep. Note the box of Jello pudding hanging onto the fire extinguisher for dear life.
The second shelf was a hot mess.

The third shelf was spices and baking supplies

The next shelf was canned goods.

The bottom of the closet was a box of "stuff"

I took everything out and purged some things that had come from my Mom's house (spices that expired in 2005) and organized what was left.
Here's the after shot... the top shelf is a hot mess!

But the rest of it is pretty beautiful!

I heaved a sigh, turned around and faced this...
oops...the canned goods.
It looks like I'll be re-organizing another cupboard to make room for this.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oy, pantries are such a drag to organize.

Suzanne Casamento said...

Oops! You forgot the canned goods.

As for organizing - my cabinets are shameful. You're brave to post pics of yours!

Jen on the Edge said...

For floppy things, like packets, bags, and so forth, I sort them into bins/baskets so that they'll stay together and not fall over.

Kaylen said...

Thank goodness the fire extinguisher was there to catch the poor jello!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE organizing. I esp love organizing other peoples stuff. That's not weird is it? It's not like I go to peoples houses and start doing it....but I do go there and start imagining what I would like to do.
My own cupboards though-ugh, mess. Lately I've been sorting one cupboard a week and it feels great...but there are a LOT of cupboards to go still.