Saturday, April 23, 2011

Trapped In Massachusetts

Oh, I could write a VERY long post about all the Massachusetts things that are annoying me...mostly the crappy weather.
I'm also keeping a list of all the things about Massachusetts that I actually DO miss. I got to spend Cape Cod Kid's 26th birthday with him for lunch and an afternoon of buying and assembling deck furniture for Mom.

Mom is having a tough time. She has had 2 infections in her surgical incision. I make a daily trip to Walgreen's, the nurse is here a couple of times a week and the therapists come 4 times a week. If she insists on stumbling around without her cane,I'm going to tie her to a chair with bungee cords. She's playing the "I am not a wimp" card.

I'm planning to fly home on Tuesday.


blackbird said...

Good luck!!!

Monnik said...

Safe travels on Thursday. Hopefully the weather will be nice for you these last couple of days? If not, you know it'll be better at home! ;)

michiganme said...

The "I am not a wimp" card can be just as difficult to deal with as the "Poor me, I can't do this" card. You're a great daughter!