Sunday, March 13, 2011

I Want My Lost Hour Back

Did we lose an hour today when we did that "Spring Ahead" thing? I know I slept a little later than usual.
I stayed up way too late into the morning hours, watching this...
...So good. When I went to the Tower of London I was a little breathless when I stood in the spot where Anne was beheaded and then a little speechless when I went into the chapel where she is buried.

I figured I could squeeze a nap into this afternoon but I got a little ambitious. I found this recipe on HuffPo to recreate those boneless ribs you get at the Chinese restaurants. They're marinating in the fridge right now. This recipe!!
I'm also baking bread today. We're doing as much whole grains in our diet as we can. I don't like the taste of Whole Wheat, but I do like white wheat. I went to the Fresh Market yesterday and found this...
YES! King Arthur! 100% Organic! White Whole Wheat! This recipe!! From the Baking Bites blog.

I love that time of year when the clementines show up in the store. They were $4 for a 3 pound bag yesterday so I was very happy....until I tried one last night and it was TERRIBLE...dry and tasteless.

Sooooooo disappointed. Do I have time to schlep them back to the store?

Do I have time to finish the NY Times Sunday crossword? And read the paper? And do a load of laundry? And go for a walk? And wash the kitchen floor? And make coleslaw and cook rice to go with the ribs?

I want my hour back!!


Cat said...

Have you seen the Tudors? It's a really good Showtime series about Henry VIII. When we went to the Tower of London they said Anne Boleyn was beheaded standing up in the French fashion. I had no idea what that meant until I saw the show.

I'm looking for that lost hour myself.

Mrs. Tuna said...

Ha! I live in Arizona, we don't change our clock here.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Okay, I'm renting that movie next weekend--read the book last month!
Ugh, dry citrus fruit is SO disappointing.
The only good thing about that hour is having more light at the end of the day.

Audubon Ron said...

I only use King Arthur for baking my no-knead bread.

Suzanne Casamento said...

LOL! Even if you had an extra hour I'm not sure you could get ALL of that done!

I'm very impressed with all the cooking and baking you do. Let us know how the bread turns out!

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

Why does that one hour leave me so far behind the 8-ball?

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I wouldn't mind the hour so much if it wasn't that my body is definitely feeling that 5:30 a.m. is 4:30 a.m. and it does not like that.