Saturday, February 19, 2011

This Week Kicked Me In The Rear

What a week. I just need to vent a little.

Mom moved back to MA. My brother and I spent last week packing the rest of her stuff and closing her house. It hasn't sold and I'm not sure it will. There are 150 houses for sale in her development.

We spent $700 to wrap all her shit in bubble wrap and blankets and ship by UPS. No one in our family was interested in driving a UHAUL 1500 miles in the winter. A HUGE amount of stuff arrived in MA in shatters. Can you picture the freakout on Mom's end? I started the claims process and let me just say that the Customer Service people at UPS ROCKED MY SOCKS OFF. They are sending an investigator to her house to take pictures of her broken stuff.

She saw the spine specialist in Boston and it has been determined that there is so much arthritis in her spine that if she doesn't have surgery, she may never stand up straight or be without pain ever agin, so surgery will happen in about a month or two. She will most likely go to a nursing home for 6 to 8 weeks for recovery.

We are three adults trying to function on one car. The Mazda had a crapped out Master Cylinder and it took 9 days to find a part for a 13 yr old car. The Nissan lost steering control last week and poor Sorority Girl flew off University Blvd (scary busy road) and landed in a bank parking lot and managed to NOT get hit or hit anything or anyone. She has my beloved SUV until her car gets fixed with some $$$ that is coming from who-the-hell-knows-where.

I have been on 1800 calories, diabetic, no sugar, limited alcohol, limited carbs, 10 mile a week walking plan, lost 30 pounds journey for 7 months now. My reward? My cholesterol went up 40 POINTS and I had to go on yet another freaking pill to swallow every day. WTF???

I have a sinus infection.

I am also having severe body issues about what I look like with -60 pounds on my body. Let's just say, it ain't pretty, in any way, shape or form.  My healthcare provider has suggested psychiatric counseling which ain't gonna happen with no health insurance.

I have spent 8 of the last 9 days hibernating in my pajamas. It's sunny and 75 degrees every day and I don't even care to sit on the porch.

Getting old is not for wimps. Feel free to not comment. I just needed to get it all out.


Avitable said...

Ouch - sounds like quite a week. I'm sorry to hear how things are going. If you need anything or if there's anything I could do to help, let me know, okay?

Crazy Mom Tats! said...

Sounds like a tough week.
Sounds like you did terrifically well. You need to look at this as major league success. None of us has the bod we used to when we were 20 - And I wouldn't want to be that stupid again!

Do something for yourself. Hand out with friends and laugh a lot - laughter's cheap, and it doesn't cause cholesterol!

I hope things go better soon.

blackbird said...

Okay. You got it all out there.
Chin up. Move on.
(I swear I'm not being mean.)
Think of five things you're thankful for.
Okay, three.

Let's look forward to a better week...

Loretta a/k/a Mrs. Pom said...

Damn, it's been a hell of winter for everybody, whether you are in 75 degrees or 7 degrees. Art College child was driving the car when the oil light went on. Hmmm? What should she do? I know - drive her car really fast to try to get back to campus and have her engine seize up on her.

Sigh. During the Super Bowl no less. Poor Mr. Pom.

OK, you've GOT to get out of the house! Immediately! Go outside in the sun, get by the water, read, listen to music, anything - outside.

And thank God Sorority Girl is ok. Mom will do well. You and your husband have each other to support yourselves and keep all the crap out of the kitchen.

Big hugs down the coast to you,

Jen on the Edge said...

Oh my, that is a rough week. I am sorry.

I don't know what to tell you about your body and health. I do know how rough the mental stuff can be. For me, walking helps me get the S*** out of my head, but that's just what works for me.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh, honey, I ache for all that's going on right now for you. How awful. Am praying for you all week--for health and peace of mind and a buyer!

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

Aww! Sending a virtual hug.

Suzanne Casamento said...

I think Green Girl is on the right track. I'll be praying for you. Because all of that truly sucks.

And as blackbird said, maybe try and come up with a few things you're thankful for. That usually helps me feel better.

Kaylen said...

Oh - it's your turn to whine. Awesome. My turn was last week. I felt a little better just getting it all out.
Your cholesterol is just messing with you. hahaha....very funny Cholesty! Enough kidding around now. hahaha...silly numbers.

Yay for UPS taking the initiative to not just deny the damage but actually look into it!!

I lost 35 lbs last summer....and have found 10 of it again. Irritating. I guess all the desserts and alcohol and more desserts and more alcohol celebrating that I lost weight didn't help. So don't give up. And don't celebrate a LOT with food and alcohol.