Wednesday, December 8, 2010

No Naughty. Just Nice.

There are no naughty girls on today's list for Santa. Just my two favorite Sorority Girls.

My Sorority Girl grew up with only a brother and not even any girl cousins were born until she was a teenager. When she rushed for Sorority, she met Erin. They felt an immediate connection and because Erin was a RhoGamma, Alli didn't know which sorority she was from. (RhoGammas help out with Sorority Rush without revealing their affiliation.) Imagine her delight when she found out that Erin was in the sorority that she was joining!

Erin claimed Alli as her Little Sister. They called each other "Big" and "Little". Erin has lived up to that name in every way. She is really the Big Sister that Alli always wanted. She has been a sister, an advisor and a mentor. Erin has graduated, become a teacher and the girls are still close. I love that girl.

There are so many photos of the two of them together that I could fill a scrapbook.

This past summer Erin got married and had her "Little" standing at the altar with her.

My Sorority Girl is also going to be a teacher. She thought she was going to graduate with a degree in Communication Disorders, but found that the courses were too much science and too much regurgitation of facts on exams. This year she changed her major to Exceptional Education and I see the joy on her face when she talks about it.

She has been doing some volunteer hours at a UCP preschool. United Cerebral Palsy schools serve kids with a wide range of diagnoses. Last week she read "Goodnight Moon" 3 times in a row to one little girl and managed to have some chatty conversations with a little girl who is debilitatingly shy.
Sorority Girl spent the past semester going to school and working full-time without a word of complaint.

So, Dear Santa, please put my TWO  favorite Sorority Girls on the top of your NICE list. Thanks.


Pearl said...

That's so nice! I just know that Santa checks the blogs. :-)


Becca said...


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

There's no way Santa can miss two peaches like them!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

She's getting the right teaching credential in order to get a job--it's a growing field.

They both look beautiful and that is a really great bridesmaid dress.

Suzanne Casamento said...

They sound like special girls. And very NICE! :)

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

Beautiful inside and out! I know Santa will be good!

Anonymous said...

That brought me to tears! I love Allison my little! You said our relationship so well!