Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Naughty or Nice #1

You know how Santa has a list that tells him if you're naughty or nice? I like to help Santa with that little chore.

Here are the first two of my contributions to the 2010  Naughty or Nice list.

NAUGHTY: The older woman who works at the Hess station on San Carlos Blvd in Fort Myers Beach FL. She is seriously rude.  Mom went in to buy Hess gas cards for some of my nephews. She was trying to use her Mastercard and put in her MA zip code (on her billing address). The credit card reader wouldn't accept her card. She should have been using her FL zip code. When she asked the clerk why she couldn't get her credit card to work, the woman looked at her and in a rude tone of voice said "I don't know, just use another card".

I tried to use Mom's card at the pump to fill my gas tank, popped in Mom's MA zip code, and got a message on the screen to see the cashier. I went in and politely told the cashier that I was trying to use a Mastercard and asked why I needed to see the cashier. The same rude woman said, in her rude tone of voice, "According to me, you didn't even TRY to use the card". Here's the rest of the lovely conversation...

Me: EXCUSE ME. Look out the window. See that big, white SUV? I tried to use a card at the pump and the message says "See the cashier" so OBVIOUSLY I tried to use the card.
Rude Cashier: I don't know why.
Me: (turning purple) Can you PLEASE find out why? Maybe we need to ask a manager?
Rude Cashier stomps away from the register and says "I SUPPOSE I MIGHT BE ABLE TO FIND HIM".

I'm throwing her under the Santa Bus and I might even call Customer Service and throw her under the Hess Bus.
NICE: I love our branch of the Seminole County Library. I love our library ladies. We had put the new Ken Follet book, Fall Of Giants on the waiting list a while back. We started the list in the 200's and the last time I checked the list we were 21. I checked again and the computer said "No Requests on hold".
Apparently someone had missed a zero in my email address and we never got the notification that we were up to #1.  When I asked the ladies to check it, they said there were once again over 150 people on the list but they were putting us at #1.

Thank you Library Info Desk Ladies. You're on Santa's Nice list this year.


robertga99 said...

Girl, you really should let everyone at Hess know about that bitch. I cannot stand it when I receive just bad customer service. I have to be nice to our clients so I expect to receive the same service when I'm the consumer.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Librarians are heroes.
I cannot bear nasty clerks--I get people having a bad day, but there's NO reason to be rude. I quit going to a drycleaner for that reason. I found one that always greets me with a smile and treats me well.

Becca said...

I wonder why she's SO rude...maybe her dog is dying or her marriage is unhappy.

bunny said...

Charlie says "Bite that bitch!" Seriously, when people are that rude, I sometimes just SUCKTHEMUP and am so sweet, it's sickening.

Audubon Ron said...

BTW: The Santa I know, thinks a little naughty can be a good thing, and might earn a few extra dividends in the gift department. Rude, never.

SoFla Mama said...

I have a Sprint Customer Service Rep that I desperately need to add to this list. Grrrr.