Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Making A List and Checking It Twice

No, not Santa!  Grandma Sunshine is officially settled in The Sunshine State for the winter. This involves a very long chore list and we managed to accomplish everything in about 3 and 1/2 days.

  • Finish Christmas shopping for all her 10 grandchildren, wrap all the gifts and box them up to go to UPS. Check
  • Wash the ceiling, walls, floor, ceiling fans, rewind all the rolling shades and wash 12 windows in the sunroom/laundry room. Check
  • Wreath on the door, Snowman flag on the flagpole, lights on the little tree Check
  • Get the car out of the auto shop (fuel pump was dead), take car to carwash, get new parking sticker for car. Check
  • Grocery shop at SuperTarget, grocery shop at Winn-Dixie, grocery shop at Publix. Check
  • Get flowers for patio pots. Find patio pots and fertilizer in the shed. Check
  • Hire a guy to put a TV antenna on the roof, hire a guy to weed the flower beds and trim the shrubs, hire carpet cleaners. Check
  • Clean all the A/C vents. Convince Mom to actually TURN ON the A/C when the indoor temperature reached 84 degrees. Check
  • Reorganize the pantry closet, plan diabetic menus for 2 weeks, cut up multiple containers of veggies. Check
  • Visit the neighbors, ignore the mean relatives who live on the next block (mean relatives are now officially pissed off at us) (we don't really care). Check
  • Replace batteries in the clock and the CD player. Find Christmas CDs. Listen to Christmas CDs. Check
  • Go out for Breakfast! Go out for LUNCH! Go out for DINNER. Go to the most awesome DOLLAR TREE store ever! (it is brand new and 3 times bigger than most) Check


bunny said...

Sounds awesome.

- Create memories with your mom. Check.

Mrs. Tuna said...

Argggg, now it makes me realize I need to get cracking.

robertga99 said...

Whew is right! That's a lot of work.

SoFla Mama said...

Wow. Just wow. I woulda been high-fiving myself if I had completed the first thing on the list .....and nothing else.

Because that ONE thing woulda been enough.

Pour martini. Check.

Fannie said...

In three and a half days? I'm exhausted just READING about it!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You are a MACHINE checking off that list! Now you need to check off: relax with good movie and glass of wine.