Monday, December 20, 2010

Crazy-Free Christmas Countdown

I can't believe we're into Christmas week. It's my first Non-Retail-Job Holiday in over 10 years.
The decorating is done, the shopping is almost done. The cooking shall commence on Wed.

Today, I'm throwing Momma on the plane. The MA Registry of Motor Vehicles won't let her renew her driver's license online because now she is over 75 years old. In Florida, to get a DL she would have to show SS Card, Rental Agreement, Utility bills, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate (to prove history of name change) and I think her 2nd grade report card.

That's what happens when you live in the state ranked 3rd in the country in Identity Theft. Since we had to send her home to renew her Driver's License, I figured she might as well go for the holidays. She can see her friends and 8/10 of her grandchildren.

I'm throwing her on the plane at Orlando International Airport. Yesterday there was a Hallelujah-singing Flash Mob in the atrium . Why couldn't they wait until today?

A good bloggy friend is passing through Orlando with her family tomorrow night, on their way to her Mom and Dad's for Christmas. I met her and her delightful daughters last year. Sorority Girl and I are meeting them for dinner Tuesday night. I'M SO EXCITED!!

Thursday morning I'm having breakfast with my good friends from the Shower Gel Store, where I no longer work, Forever and Ever, Amen and The Angels Sang. Thursday night, Cape Cod Kid arrives!!

I may actually get through this holiday week without my annual mental meltdown.


Cat said...

The only thing you don't seem to need to prove to get a license in FL is that you know how to drive!

Fannie said...

We had the same Hallelujah flash mob here yesterday - weird!

Mrs. Tuna said...

Hope you have a fab holiday. Now how can I get that flash mob to show up here on xmas morning.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

That driver's license thing is starting to worry me--I started using my stepdad's name when I was a kid, so I have no record of a name change from the one on my birth certificate to the maiden name on my marriage certificate.

It will be so wonderful to have everyone home.

I was in Bath and Bodyworks last night and I can picture not wanting to be working there.

robertga99 said...

I hope you make it through without a meltdown. Merry Christmas!