Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Post-It Notes

Have you checked out the $1 bins at Target? I found rolls of wrapping paper that were not full-size but were pretty good quality!

I can't find the stocking holders. We've looked twice at our storage unit that we rent for Christmas stuff, extra beds, extra sets of dishes, extra bedding, boxes of books..and so on and so on.
I've looked twice in the small storage closet on our porch.
I've looked twice in my walk-in-closet.
Santa will find the stockings hanging on the knobs of my dining room storage cupboards.

We have an artificial tree. I HATE PINE NEEDLES!
What I really hate is watering the tree and dragging the tree to the dump area and vacuuming pine needles in January.
I love the candle that makes the house smell like a live Christmas tree.

I love meeting bloggers. I have never had a bad experience. I met Heather last Spring when she was visiting the Sunshine State.
When I heard she was escaping the frigid north and coming to Florida for Christmas I was
Heather and her darling daughters Gracie and Stella met Sorority Girl and I for breakfast this morning.
We sat and exchanged gifties and chatted for 2 hours before they had to go back to the hotel to grab Heather's husband and continue on to her Mom and Dad's. Sorority Girl commented in the car about what a connection Heather and I have. So true!!


Crazy Mom Tats! said...

I lurve Target - and the dollar section is the first place I head.

Mrs. Tuna said...

Target is my favorite shopping place too.

Cat said...

I found the cutest Chinese take-out style giftboxes in the Target dollar section. They are one of my favorite purchases this year.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

Jeanne, I'm with you, pine needles - blech! And meeting bloggers - thumbs up! I hope we get to meet in 2011!

Heather T said...

Oh, and I just saw, my mother has exactly the same fresh balsam scent candle censing the whole house here! It's like we never left Michigan :-)

Heather T said...

It was so good to see you too, Little Miss!

(I just wrote a whole comment that got lost in cyberspace-internet-void. Here's my attempt to recreate it.)

We left from seeing you and went all the way south on 27. We even stopped in Clewiston. Seeing you just beforehand, getting to relax and kick back, that made the trip SO MUCH more fun! You are very welcome for the gift, a simple token of a wonderful, unexpected friendship. I love that we have such great chemistry in person!

Have a wonderful Christmas! Enjoy it, relax, and have fun with Cape Cod Kid!

btw, we wanna go to Downtown Disney next week; are you up for it?