Friday, November 5, 2010

NaBloPoMo: Day 5-Frequent Phrases

I'm doing National Blog Posting Month with a twist. Every day I'll write about 5 things on a specific topic.

Day 5-Phrases I frequently use. Sometimes out loud.

My grandfather had a favorite phrase. In a situation where other people might say "oh for crying out loud", my grandfather would say "my aching back!"
My Mom has been known to be exasperated and blurt out "Jesus, Mary and Joseph and all the little Saints". Here are 5 of mine.

1. DUDE~ When I was 50, I worked with a handsome young man of 21, who was also quite the stoner boy. He would sneak out to his car on lunch break and partake of a little weed. He called most males Dude and most females Girl. This would be a typical occurence at work. I would pick up the phone and hear, "Oh Girl, I'm SO sorry". I would say "Oh Dude, you are 30 minutes late from break. Please tell me you weren't sleeping in your car". He would say, "Oh Girl, I'll be there in 2 minutes"
I picked up his habit of calling guys Dude.

2. 27~ 27 is my favorite number and I have no idea why. I use the number in many phrases, such as... I'm so tired, I could sleep for 27 hours! Young teens in skanky outfits. That is wrong in 27 different ways!

3. WHO DOES THIS??!! I use this phrase when I have discovered that someone has done something stupid, especially when they should know better. My favorite use of this is when I catch something stupid done by my boss. I'll be at work and find a giant mess in the marketing room and you'll hear me scream, "SOMEBODY MISFILED ALL THESE SIGNS! WHO DOES THIS??!!" I'll hear a sheepish boss voice come from the manager desk, "Umm, that would have been me"

4. IS SOMETHING BURNING? I always think something is burning. Usually there is nothing burning and it's all in my head. These are phantom smells and the official name for it is Phantosmia. It can be caused by brain tumors or seizures. I don't have either one of those. It can be part of Migraine auras. I do have those. Personally, I think it's the smell of all my fried brain cells.

5. SHIT SHOW Sorority Girl says I use the phrase incorrectly. The Urban Dictionary gives two meanings...A) Night of intoxication that leads to debauchery, drug/alcohol use, drama and sheer insanity all happening simultaneously. or B) Disorganization and chaos to an absurd degree, often associated with ineptitude and incompetence. Sorority Girl uses A) to describe Frat Parties. I use B) to describe my workplace.


Badger said...

Phantosmia! That's what that's called! I've had that all my life. I'm CONSTANTLY smelling things that aren't there. Not burning, just random stuff. I never knew it had a name!

bunny said...

When you say "shit show" at a humane society, it takes on yet another totally different meaning...hehe.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I've never heard "Shit Show" before, but I sure like the sound and versatility of it!