Saturday, November 20, 2010

NaBloPoMo: Day 20-Love Train

I'm doing National Blog Posting Month with a twist. Every day I'll write 5 things about a specific topic.

People all over the world join hands. Start a Love Train, love train.

NaBloPoMo Day Twenty- 5 groups of people on my LOVE TRAIN

1. Motorcycle Dudes~ The guys from Sons Of Anarchy

2. Football Players~ These 3 are at the top of my Cutie-Patootie Football Players list. Troy Polamalu, Clay Matthews and Tom Brady (he can bring Giselle and the kids)

3. Actors~ No Love Train would be complete without Taye Diggs( We'll invite his wife Idina Menzel along-she can sing for us),  Jimmy Smits and Alan Alda

4 Actress~ If we're inviting actors, we should invite some actresses to ride along. How about Lauren Graham, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia deRossi?
5. Family~ My LOVE TRAIN goes nowhere without my family!! Mr Sunshine, Cape Cod Kid (the tall guy on the right) and Sorority Girl.


blackbird said...

Nice gang - but, more importantly, gorgeous family!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Great list! (I do luff those Sons and Taye). Your husband is a silver FOX!

robertga99 said...

great list. what a great looking family.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

Sorority girl looks just like her Mom!