Wednesday, September 22, 2010

And The Poo Hit The Fan

My summer was spent learning something about myself. I am not cut out for management.
I love going to work and hanging out and chatting with the customers, doing visual displays and
OCD'ing the bottles of shower gel into perfectly straight rows.

Dealing with no-show co-workers, flooded stores at 3am, paperwork that disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle of the manager desk, payroll projection estimates.....I just popped another 5 grey hairs on my head as I was writing this.

I have given my notice to step down to my previous sales associate position and my replacement starts in 2 weeks. While I was on vacation, our assistant store manager gave two weeks notice and the other person who had a position equal to mine was fired.

I REALLY tried to give this girl the benefit of the doubt. She was the kind of person my sister and I call Pitiful Pearl. She was kind of clueless and very much over her head in the position.
I won't get into why she was hired in the first place.
It turns out she was also (allegedly) stealing from the store. She (allegedly) did a bunch of fraudulent returns USING MY REGISTER LOG-IN NUMBER!!!! We also suspected that she was (allegedly) stealing from the register funds at night after the drawers were counted.

I had reported her to Loss Prevention when the opening drawer funds were short after she counted them the previous night.
She underestimated the power of our Loss Prevention contact in the company. His little laptop has magical programs that can unearth info that we don't see on our back office computer.

So, now my boss had to hire 3 new managers. Miss Nay-Nay is gone, but if I ever see her on the street, I will rip that weave right off the top of her tiny little head.


robertga99 said...

Hopefully the stress will go down now that you have stepped down from management.
you go girl. I hope you run into her... I would love to see you snatch the weave off her head.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

UGH! How miserably stressful for you. I hope she doesn't see you coming just so you can post about the weave rip.

Jen on the Edge said...

What a mess. So glad you'll be getting away from the stress. Having gone through an embezzlement situation at work last year, which led me to report it to the police and have the person brought to justice, I understand the stress.

Hang in there.

Cat (SoFla Mom) said...

Ha ha ha ha HAHAHA ho ho HAHA haha :D

Sorry, but your last sentence just had me on the floor.

" that weave..."

Ha ha ha ha!

And good for you. Knowing what works for you! Hoping those new people will all fit in smoothly.

Heather T said...

Holy Shamoly.

(I have to say that because the only other words that are coming are EXPLETIVES!)

I'm with Jen and Bob: I hope the reduction of stress does you GOOD!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

It's good to be in touch with where your talents are. And, in my experience, they don't really pay retail management enough to make it worth the headache.

Miss Nay-Nay definitely had some nerve.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

Hopefully new co-workers will restore some good karma back to the store! I hate people like Pearl. May peace reign in the shower gel store!

michiganme said...

Interesting! I came to the realization recently that I don't like to supervise people. I always felt like I was responsible for their happiness and that I had to spend every minute 'inspiring' and 'leading' them. It's just not in me to do that every day (except for myself)

I like to manage projects & ideas, but I want someone else to do the personnel stuff. It's a good thing to know your strengths!

bunny said...

I agree with Meg...maybe they will get a clue and hire some awesome folk and work will become fun for you again! (as fun as it can be)