Monday, May 10, 2010

Nothing Says Mother's Day Like....

Nothing says Mother's Day like....

Having your 22 year-old Daughter sleep with you the night before. Mr Sunshine is rocking the Worst Sinus Infection in History and has been banished to the guest room for the past week. Sorority Girl loves our Sleep Number Bed. Especially her dad's side of the bed. His Sleep Number is so low that she calls it The Bed Canoe.

Having your 25 year-old son call to say Happy Mother's Day and his next sentence is "OH! OH! Last night at work I was a witness to an attempted murder stabbing!!!" I'm guessing that next year my Mother's Day call will be from some location in the Witness Protection Program.

Having your 14 year-old cat use the Litter Box!!! This is HUGE news, since the only place he has poo'ed or pee'd in the past month has been in the dining room or the hallway in front of the bathroom door. I discovered that he will actually go into the bathroom if the floor is covered in Puppy Training Pads. It looks so elegant. We're being featured in the next issue of House Beautiful Magazine.

Having your 75 year- old Mom spend Mother's Day sitting in the hospital with her baby sister. This is my aunt that has been very ill since last December. She is still hanging in there with all the complications of her illness and is now facing a possible amputation this week. We all had lumps in our throats after the phone call.

Having your own 52 year-old butt haul off to work at 5:30pm for an 8 hour shift. Flip-flops were probably not the best shoe choice. I tackled one display table that I had to pull out of the creative cesspool of my brain, because I had no company direction. Then I tackled the BEAST known as the OCTAGON. If you have been in the Shower Gel Store, the octagon is that fixture that has 8 sides and holds about 10,972 bottles of shower gel, lotion and body mist. I hobbled home on my Flip-Flop-Feet at 1:30am, ate a Carrot Cupcake, did a load of laundry and hobbled off to bed.

Hope you all had a fabulous Mother's Day.


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Thanks for your well wishes LMSS.
I will keep you in my prayers. You have a lot going on. I am lucky with my 14 year old Wendell. Still spry and good. It's so hard losing them:(
I think you were a good mother!! And I can tell you are a great employee. You might want to get some real shoes to wear to work though ;)
Have a nice summer staying indoors ;)

Cat said...

Prayers from me too.

Happy Mom's Day!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Your poor aunt. But it must have been great having your daughter in the canoe bed for a while. And thank goodness your son was WITNESS and not INVOLVED, right?
Flip flops in retail are a deadly combination. My feet and back ACHE to think of it!

Bee said...

Flip Flops to work? Oh NO - wrong wrong wrong! I live flip flops but have learned the hard way they are not to be worn for any activities - just sitting and looking pretty!

How's that sleep number bed? I have been thinking that is the way to go for me?? Do you like it??? Does it give you some relief?

blackbird said...

I'm sending you a hug...

Kerry said...

I'm blogging again! Er, well, maybe. At least for now.

Sorry about your aunt.

Hope you have a great weekend!

joven said...

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