Thursday, March 11, 2010

Memory Stick Spring Cleaning

Pictures. With Words.

WebMD Pill Identifier says it's 100mg of TrazzOhDoan. My pharmacy switched manufacturer last week. It's not working. I'm not getting restful sleep. Weirdo dreams all night long. That's why I started taking TrazzOhDoan in the first place.
At the Flea Market last weekend. I want those 3 little cuddlers. Mr Sunshine doesn't approve.

Also at the Flea Market last weekend. I have no words.

Peanut Crack&M's. I need an intervention.

The Dude! On the package! It's my nephew the professional model! It was one of his first modeling jobs. It's coming out in the stores any day now. We have a connection at Hasbro and got some pre-release.

I followed this truck for about 5 miles. I didn't have to. I just wanted to. It made me smile.


Crazy Mom Tats! said...

You and I are addicted. Sugar is my crack. It is bad. I am stressed. I found that Big Lots sells some off-brand of those mint cups (like mini-reeses, but mint) for $2 and I cleaned then out.

Love the dogs. Damn, now I need some peanut M&Ms.

PS the verification word is whqrurnm - alias my fat butt on the keyboard.

Crazy Mom Tats! said...

Also - change pharmacies and ask the new one what their generic is.
see this article

robertga99 said...

I love the birds...very cute! So is your nephew :)

I would have followed that truck too!untfj

thebookladi said...

I think you should get the birds. anything that makes you smile you should get.

Word verification is cralc: I got nothin'.

Jen on the Edge said...

I can't have M&Ms in the house anymore.

bunny said...

NO BIRDS! NO BIRDS! NO BIRDS! Yes, they SEEM cute, but they create the BIGGEST. MESS. EVER. And you are CONSTANTLY cleaning up after them, around them, and their cage. I had two lovebirds. I know of what I speak. And I gave them away.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Birds kind of freak me out. But your last 3 photos & captions made me SMILE! yay for your nephew.

Bee said...

I love M&M's - can't have them in the house either! Only at Halloween!

Your newphew is very handsome!

I agree about the "no birds", though they are cute - my brother inlaw and sister inlaw in FL have them - about 4-5 and they do make a huge mess! However - as the bookladi said - it's really about what make LMSS happy!

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

The nephew looks a little like Shaun White! Olympic nerfing?

blackbird said...

Yer crackin me up!

Melissa said...

Too funny. And I love the name of your blog!

Karl said...

I take Trazodone, too. Generic. I'd be screwed without it. Thing is, I've sometimes run across meds that I've taken a while, but need to change because they no longer work for me. That's the bitch of being treatment-resistant...some meds don't even touch me. Others take higher doses than usual. And then I "grow out" of some of them and have to find something new.

Hopefully, it is just the manufacturer in your case.

Monnik said...

I like the pictures. I'd have followed that truck around too!!

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