Thursday, February 25, 2010

Has This Ever Happened To You?

Have you ever accepted a promotion at work? Did your brains hurt?

It happened to me this week. I finished the first half of my training. I was in the medical field from 1976 to 2006. My brain cells have always been wired for understanding medical/health issues. This week I spent 27 hours studying Role Clarity, Business Insight, Action Plans and Performance Reporting. Next week will be a repeat of this week.

Have you ever had a house guest with Sleep Apnea? Did YOU get any sleep?

My Mom has had sleep apnea for 12 years. She refuses to be treated for it. She tried the CPAP machine and it gave her high anxiety, so she ditched it. She will snore for about 15 minutes, then be silent for 10-30 seconds, then GASP! GASP! CHOKE! then go back to the 15 minutes of snoring. I find myself laying awake, counting the seconds until she starts snoring again. I think our friend (who was an RN) and I convinced her to get another sleep study done.

Have you ever seen a family of little piggies? Have you ever seen a family of little piggies running along the side of a major interstate highway? Did you laugh out loud?

I was about 12 miles south of Tampa today on Route 75 when I thought I saw a group of small dogs running alonside the road. When I got closer I realized it was a Mama, Papa and three baby piggies. They were so cute that I started laughing. Then I smacked my forehead and said "WHERE IS MY CAMERA AT TIMES LIKE THIS??"

Have you ever met a fellow blogger, in person? I did, the last time Bossy came to town. I met 5 other bloggers that night. We laughed a lot that night.

Tomorrow, I'm meeting another blogger, who has come with her Michigan family to visit her Florida family. I'M BRINGING MY CAMERA!


Jen on the Edge said...

Wow, you've had quite a week.

I've never had to deal with sleep apnea. I really hope your mother does another sleep study.

No, I've never seen pigs running along the road.

Yes, I have met other bloggers and hope to one day meet YOU.

robertga99 said...

I have never had to deal with a person with sleep apnea. My dachshund snores sometimes but that's it. :)

No, I've never seen pigs running along the side of the road but I bet that was cute. I wonder if those little piggies were headed to the market.

Yes, I have met one blogger..Bunny! But that is sort of cheating since I've know here for a while. I would like to meet other bloggers though.

Crazy Mom Tats! said...

Want to see piggies!!!!

I know about the CPAP - have one myself. It's one reason DH and I are still married. I make a hell of a lot of noise. And I sleep so much better with the CPAP.

Come to Hotlanta - you can meet me!

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

I feel your pain. I turned my husband in and he finally got the sleep study and the machine. No more sleeping in a bathtub on vacation.

Can't wait to hear about your adventure. Bloggers ARE a blast!

Karl said...

Hoping to see Bossy again soon. And the sleep apnea is hard to deal with. I'm not a light sleeper, typically, but really loud snoring will wake me up...or keep me from sleeping.

catsteevens said...

My husband used to work for a Sleep Lab. Sleep Apnea is SERIOUS sutff. Your mom cannot continue to ignore it (sorry, don't mean to be alarming). Not only did he work there, but he, too, has sleep apnea and uses the machine. It makes a world difference.

I lived in Tampa, Lutz area. I used to drive North to Pasco a lot. Piggies along the side of the road? No. But pretty much everything else....cows, horses, and the like.

Retraining your brain after 30 years is admirable. No wonder your head hurts :)

And if you wanna meet I'm ready...if you don't mind me bringing the rug rats, hahaha.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I'm glad your training is HALF done at least! I can't imagine trying to sleep with that sound interrupting you all night! My father in law had that, and my mother in law took to sleeping downstairs. He probably died of it, but I doubt he'd have opted for a machine either. How frustrating.
Darn no camera! Bring it when you meet your bloggy friend!

Fannie said...

The Saint had trouble adjusting to the CPAP but then they gave him a "nose pillow" instead of the full mask and he was much more comfortable. If your mom hasn't tried it she should!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

The one time my sister spent the night with her CPAP machine the machine itself was pretty freaky--but better than the snoring I'm sure.

Have a great bloggy meet-up.

bunny said...

I recently accepted a new job. My brain hurts.

My dad has sleep apnea. It's frightening.

I wish I had seen the pigs. Love pigs.

I need to plan on meeting some blogger's this year....ones who are not already friends, that is! I did talk to Jen on the Edge on the phone...does that count???