Saturday, October 10, 2009

Crazy Little Fall Weekend Update

It's been a crazy little week, here in The Sunshine State.

I'm going through one of my stages of insomnia. Since I never have to be at work before noon, I can deal with falling asleep at 3AM and waking up at 10AM, but last night was crazy. I was awake until after 4AM and was up for the day at 9AM.

Speaking of insomnia, who else but an insomniac would be designing Halloween costumes at 3AM? We're going to a local blogger's famous, annual Halloween party. He plans amazing props and scenery. Last year we couldn't go, so I'm excited we can make it this year. The theme is invaded by aliens, so I've designed "Alien Investigator" costumes that I can probably pull off for under $10 each.

In other COSTUME NEWS: Sorority Girl's semi-formal event is next weekend. Their theme is famous couples. Thursday we worked on costumes for her and her date.

Remember the Spartan Cheerleaders from SNL? We re-created the shirts with a bag full of red and silver ribbon, black t-shirts, white fabric, hem tape and fabric glue.

Is it Fall? Really? Not here in The Sunshine State. It has been in the 90's all week! Last weekend was Parents Weekend at University Of Tropical Paradise. It was so hot that we got heat headaches. I had an upset stomach from drinking so much water.
We were sitting WAY up in the stadium, on metal bleachers, in the sun.
Who knew you could get a crispy, crunchy sunburn at a college football game in October?

I WAS A TEENAGE MARCHING BAND GEEK! I loved watching the band do their before-game and halftime show. The Mom in me was worried about the band members in the hot heat, in black uniforms, marching around with heavy instruments.
In other Fall-related news. It has been so hot that the Rhododendron buds all rotted and fell off the trees before they could even open. Last night was so hot, we decided not to cook out on the grill. We're running the A/C and the ceiling fans at the same time.
We're in the process of melding the Autumn product with the Holiday Preview product at the store. It's a little surreal. I'm unpacking boxes of product with little snowmen and reindeer, wearing shorts and tank-tops, chugging ice water and mopping the sweat running down my face.
To my Northern friends: I heard you might be getting snow tonight.
Want a little Florida Sunshine? I wish I could package it and send you some.


gail said...

Gees Jeanne....there was frost on the roof this morning. IT'S coming but I wish that it wasn't!

Jen on the Edge said...

It's chilly here and I don't really want any Florida heat, but thank you for offering to share! :-)

Kaylen said...

Wow, I read this and got a little confused as to what month it is!!!

I've been sleeping with winter wooly socks each night, turning the electric blanket on, shivering myself to sleep. :)