Monday, July 27, 2009

The Birthday Post: Guest Blogger Tigger

Yesterday was Little Miss Sunshine State's birthday. She's feeling a little blah lately, so she asked me to recount the fun and festivity of her birthday.

Don't I look excited?

My big sister Sorority Girl was here Sat. night and she put some black stuff on LMSS's hair.They re-watched this week's episodes of SYTYCD.

Then she couldn't fall asleep until the wee hours of her birthday morning. She blames that on Menna Puss. I know she isn't talking about me and there had BETTER NOT!! be another cat in this house.

She woke up at 11:30am. The house was very quiet because everyone had already gone to work. She went into the dining room to find a pot of fresh coffee, bagels and cream cheese, a vase of her favorite flowers (daisies, carnations and alstromeria). and an iTunes gift card.

She ate breakfast with some lady named FACEBOOK, then she popped a Calcium and Vitamin D so she won't break a hip when she falls. You do know she is old. So old that Dwight Eisenhower was President when she was born. There was no such thing as DIGITAL. Telephones were attached to the wall. Bread cost 25 cents a loaf. Nobody had ever heard of the Beatles. TV was black and white and there were only 3 channels.

There was a big thunderstorm, so she turned off the computer and attempted the NYT Sunday Crossword. Her mom called and my big brother, Cape Cod Kid and his girlfriend called.

After that she decided to bake a Lemon Cake. When I asked her why, she said "Sometimes a girl has to create her own happiness". She offered me a piece but I turned her down. Hacking up lemon-scented hair-cakeballs would not have been nice.

At 4pm she turned the computer back on. She read some celebrity gossip, called Jon Gosselin a douchebag and looked at photos of cute, celebrity babies. She played MahJong Solitaire until she elevated her world ranking to 14,400.

Then she went to work for a long night at the Shower Gel Store.

Just another day in Paradise. Thanks to everyone who sent birthday wishes on Facebook!


Anonymous said...

that tigger he is so funny he just cracks me up

Jen on the Edge said...

Tigger is a very funny feline. Will there be more guest posts in the future?

gail said...

Happy belated Birthday Jeanne! Sound like you had a nice relaxing day....oh....except for the Shower Gel Store part!

Badger said...

Happy belated to you!

bunny said...

Happy Belated B-Day! I will raise a glass in your honor tonight!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Happy birthday! Sounds like it was a good day, even with the online douchebag;)

Fannie said...

Hey, Happy Belated Birthday! I have to bake my own cake too! ;)

Kaylen said...

Ha-happy bday! How nice that you had a guest blogger handy! :)

I'm going to steal this idea and have my cats post for me someday.

Michele P said...

Hey there,
I just saw your comment on Jen on the Edge's blog post from Friday. How was your sister-in-law's ride? I hope she had a good (and safe) one! We had a blast. Now recovering from :-) And Happy belated Birthday!