Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shopping With A Sorority Girl

When you spend a day shopping with a Sorority Girl

  • You bring her cute new pajama bottoms, 2 Mom-made zucchini muffins and a book.
  • She tolerates your journey through the Farmer's Market, while she silently wishes you would hurry up because she is so hungry.
  • You both agree that it is obnoxious when the counter people at Panera call your name 4 times before you can even get out of your chair.
  • She tells you her weird dream about having to save Jon and Kate's kids and a basket full of puppies.
  • She teaches you to never settle for a purse you don't love.
  • She shows you sandals you might like because they are "Hippie but a little bit dressy"
  • She finds you a cute summer dress. She tries on the same dress and jokes that we should get them and wear them together to DisneyWorld. That reminds you of the middle-aged twins in the food court that had on matching outfits. We agree that it would be TOO DORKY!!
  • She tells you the dress is cute on you and you discuss the fact that you will definately need a more supportive bra to pull it off.
  • You discuss the fact that a 21 year old looks WAY better in fitting room lights and mirrors than a 51 year old.
  • You buy her 2 new pairs of Old Navy Flip-Flops. When you go to University Of Tropical Paradise, you quickly wear out your flip-flops.
  • You spot the MATERNITY WEAR sign at Ross and the one right above it that says "OVER 55 -EXTRA 10% DISCOUNT...and the camera is in the car.
  • She writes on her facebook page that she had an "amazing shopping day" with her Mom.


Missy said...

Aww....that's so sweet! The sign is classic...you're right, too bad no camera! I love shopping days!

Jen on the Edge said...

That sounds like a great day!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Okay, you made me feel a little sad that I'll never have a daughter. So sweet.

Crazy Mo said...

What a fabulous day! It sounds like you have a great relationship.

@Green Girl in Wisonsin: Don't fret. Some day you'll have daughters-in-law. Me ... I couldn't have kids, but am lucky enough to have wonderful step kids. Sometimes second-best turns out to be best.