Thursday, June 11, 2009

The 6 Day Manager-Induced Vacation

When hours had to be cut from the payroll at work, I found myself on an unplanned, unpaid, unexpected 6 days vacation.

There are things I can do to fill the time. That's never a problem with me.

I need to freeze the newest batch of blueberries I brought back from the farm yesterday, find a decent Tuna Casserole recipe that doesn't involve Cream Of Anything soup.

I plan to write an email to my nephew who is spending his summer semester in Australia. I'd like to do a blog post on the last few books I've read.

I get to go to a friend's birthday party at a swanky bowling alley. She's a little bummed about turning 36.

I need to do some exercising in the pool, in between vegging out in a pool chair.

I really want to visit an old family friend. She has been dealing with her husband's Alzheimers for a few years and now has been diagnosed with cancer.
She lives 2 hours from here, so the visit would be possible, if she is up to it.

I have a stack of CD's to be downloaded into my iTunes....James Taylor, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Credence Clearwater Revival, Norah Jones, George Michael and Sacred Ritual Music of the Tibetan Monks.

Will I get the whole list done in 6 days?


Cat said...

That's quite a list. Usually when I have ambitious lists like that I end doing stuff like catching up on blog reading then I wake up and the whole six days have passed without my crossing one thing off the list. I hope you do better.

Jen on the Edge said...

That is quite a list. When do you get to relax?

What if you were to plan to do half of the list and then do everything else within a certain amount of time, such as one task per week?

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I bet you WILL get that all done.

Fannie said...

GAH! Horrid flashbacks to a childhood of tuna noodle casserole every Friday! Blech. If you only do one thing? I vote to visit your friend.

Mary Alice said...

Maybe not. I remember 36. It was a good year. Tell your friend to enjoy 36...cause next year she'll be 37...and it all beats the alternative!

Patience_Crabstick said...

That's a lot for six days. Have fun! If you find a good tuna casserole recipe, share it please. I love tuna casserole.

Amy A. said...

A full list indeed. I'm glad to see veg out in a pool chair was there in between the more heavy items.

blackbird said...

Can you let me know about that tuna casserole?