Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Throw Momma On The Plane

My snowbird Momma left The Sunshine State this morning for Barely Spring Massachusetts.
Before Momma left we had to charge up her cell phone and her mp3.
I had to convince Momma that she couldn't take 3 carry-on bags, so we had to repack her 2 suitcases and find room for the 5 pairs of shoes and a couple of books and her bag-o-craft projects and 5 pairs of shorts and 5 shirts that were in her 3rd carry-on bag.
I couldn't convince Momma that it's not really practical to relocate your ENTIRE wardrobe every 6 months.
Bag #1 weighed 49.999 pounds and the guy who checked her bags said I should play that number in the lottery.

She says she's never coming back. It's too far to the airport. It's too far from the parking garage to check-in. It's too far from the check-in to Security. Then she has to face the indignity of the full body bomb scan because her two bionic knees set off the metal detector. It's too far from Security to the gate.

Update: This year, the remaining contents of Mom's fridge and freezer are now in MY fridge and freezer. As in.....I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, Lean Pockets, Cheese wrapped in plastic, frozen hot dogs, canned parmesan cheese, microwavable frozen french fries and a bag of mini Milky Way bars (that last one isn't such a tragedy)

Bye Momma. I love you. Have a great summer. See you in October.


Jen on the Edge said...

Oh my. That must have been quite the ordeal at the airport. Poor thing.

Cat said...

Perhaps she could just leave the shorts in Fl. If Mass. is having the same kind of spring we're having in Georgia, it is never going to warm up there.

Missy said...

Got your message on my blog-the combination of airports and moms would make me whine too!! I did not consider deleting mine though. I needed other whiners to join in! Spewed on my facebook too. yuck.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You? Are clearly a gracious and loving daughter!

Crazy Mo said...

You have lotteries that have numbers with three decimal points? Cool!!

I'll send you my email address.

I'm going to Sudbury this weekend to visit my mom and probably going to bingo. I'll be sure to wave my bingo arms in your honor.

Crazy Mo said...

Um ... how do we exchange emails without the world knowing too?