Friday, April 17, 2009

Cape Cod Kid: 24 Years+3 Days

This is my Cape Cod Kid. Last year on his birthday, I told you a few things about him. This year I'll show you a few pictures.
Yes, he was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen.
He really didn't remain a baby for very long. By the time he was 9 months old, he was not only walking, but the kid was feeding himself whatever he could stab with a fork.
This next photo collage is titled Dude REALLY likes to wear hats.
We started training him at a very early age for his future career, working for a landscape company. Take notice of the lamp post in the background. Kid gets driver's license. Kid backs out of driveway. Kid takes out lamp post.
He was never really thrilled with the idea of team sports. KungFu was the perfect fit.

When he started training with weapons, we made him take those big sticks and sharp swords and go practice outside.

He's working on his second Black Sash. This year he started teaching a class at a living community for developmentally disabled adults.
This is pretty much the fashion look that the kid rocked through his teens and into his 20's. (See the big snowbank next to my 6'3" kid? That's why they call me Little Miss Sunshine State)

Now when he comes to visit us in The Sunshine State, we make him play nicely with the gators.
He's a gentleman. He's cool. He's Cape Cod Kid. (When he turns 25, I'll start calling him Cape Cod Man)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY (plus 3 days....Mom's been working a lot and needed Dad to crop the pictures)
Mom and Dad


Cat said...

What a good looking young man. Do you think he'll ever become the Orlando kid?

Badger said...

Aw, happy birthday to your boy! He is a cutie! (Yes, still. I can say that. I'm a mom.)

Missy said...

What a handsome young man....such cute photos!

raino said...

wow, what a handsome tall son you have ! you should be very proud.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

It sounds like he had a good mama.

Happy (Belated) Birthday to both of you.

Patience_Crabstick said...

I love the pictures of his progression of skill with kungfu.

blackbird said...

Happy belated, Cape Cod Hunk!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Many happy returns to your boy! Wow--a 2nd black sash--he is a Kung Fu King!

BOSSY said...

Bossy is dying. Dying dying dead gone. Handsome guy!