Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mimosas, Muppets and M&M's

I had a MARVELOUS Easter Weekend. Of course it involved Peanut Crack&M's.
We invited Sorority Girl and Frat Boyfriend to spend the day with us.
My family indulged my love of ALL THINGS MUPPET.
We went to the the Orange County Regional History Center in Orlando to see the traveling exhibit called Jim Henson's Fantastic World, that is making its debut here. It was sponsored by The Smithsonian and the Biography Channel, in cooperation with Jim Henson's family. We watched a video about Jim Henson, saw Muppets (they were much bigger than I expected) and a room full of Henson's drawings and storyboards. I wish I could have taken pictures.
We also saw 2 floors of exhibits on the history of Central Florida and Florida before and after Disney.
Then we crossed the street and sat at an outdoor table listening to a singer and drinking a pitcher of Mimosas.
We had a 2:30 reservation for Easter Brunch at graze
The chef, Jephanie Foster is being called one of the best in Florida. The restaurant has been reviewed as being elegant yet fun.

I had REALLY yummy smoked salmon on a bagel with cream cheese, and a little ham, prime rib, risotto, sushi and shrimp grits.....not shrimp AND grits, grits WITH shrimp. update: I forgot to tell you I also ate bowtie pasta-chicken alfredo, fresh green beans and garlic mashed sweet potatoes. I was too full to go anywhere near the dessert table. I was also too full to eat anything for dinner except a handful of Wheat Thins and a Diet Pepsi.

We got on the mailing list and we're thinking about going back in a few weeks for a special Seafood Buffet.

Now I'm rolling off to bed so I can be at work by 7am.


Fannie said...

I think your Easter buffet kicked my Easter buffet's ass.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Sounds divine! I heart Muppets too:)

Missy said...

Thanks for the blog comment....Risk tournaments? You all were hard core-I harly ever made it through that game!

Missy said...

Your comment about our TV made me laugh...I can't imaging coming to love that thing! And, I'm not done with U-Haul yet...still going up the chain to try to get some satisfaction!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

You had me at mimosas!

Crazy Mo said...

This is probably the perfect blog. M&Ms. Muppets. Pictures of good food. Who could ask for anything more? (P.S. Thanks for playing the survey!)