Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Do-It-Yourself Spa Day? No WAY!!

I read one of those simplify your life articles last night. It was how to have a do-it-yourself spa day. It involved a luxurious bath, a homemade facial, healthy snack, music, candles and giving yourself a manicure and pedicure.

This is supposed to simplify my life, how? I started thinking about what this spa day would entail.

Soak in the tub with some nice bath salts or bubbles. Get out of the tub, gather up the wet towels and put them in the washer, clean the tub.

Go into the kitchen, cut up fruit, clean the trimmings out of the sink, wash the cutting board and knife. Make a facial mask with oatmeal, honey and yogurt. While the mask dries, eat the fruit and wash the bowl from the fruit and the bowl from the mask. Wash off the mask and take the towel to the washer.

Round up nail clippers, nail file, cuticle softener, cuticle stick and a bottle of nail polish. Find a chair low enough to reach toes without straining back. Clip, file, remove cuticles, polish. Repeat with fingernails. Put all the nail accessories away.

I don't mind doing my own facials. It's the mani/pedi routine that I leave to the professionals.
The last time I went to the Aveda Spa, I spent over 2 hours having a really sweet, lovely woman from Central America pamper me. She gave me a manicure, then I sat in a massage chair, in a room that smelled like Rosemary and Mint. She massaged my legs and feet with a heating mask, then a cooling gel, then wrapped them in steaming towels, then massaged them AGAIN with a lovely smelling lotion, then she gave me a pedicure and painted my toenails a pretty pink.

All this for the amount of money I can earn in 6 hours at work. It was worth every. single. penny.

Do-it-yourself spa day? Not for me. Not relaxing. No way.


Jen on the Edge said...

You forgot to mention cleaning the bathtub first before your relaxing soak in the tub.

I agree, the entire process sounds too laborious.

Heather T said...

Oh, I am WITH YOU COMPLETELY. The spa treatments are all about the pampering and the relaxation, not the results. When I get anything done (even getting my hair washed when I get a haircut), I close my eyes and breathe deeply, lulling myself off into a beautiful other world. You can't get that so well when you are doing all the work.

It's been a looooonnnnng time since I've been to the spa or had a massage, though.

Mary Alice said...

It's fun if you facials and mani-pedis with a bunch of girlfriends/sisters. Not relaxing really. But fun.

Fannie said...

It's too much like work if you do it yourself. Cheaper, but WORK.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That does sound like a lot of work--I think I'd be happy just to sit still and put lotion on my hands!