Saturday, January 10, 2009

The People In The Park Go Round and Round

This week, I seriously started the Lose My Fat Ass Project. I'm working on a few food issues. Next week I start Pool Exercise classes.

Yesterday, I took my fat ass to the city park. Next time, I'll bring the camera. It's a pretty place to walk. There is a 1 mile walking trail around the lake. Along the path are speakers playing music with just about the perfect beat for a brisk walk.
It's also a great way to people watch.

Some people head out walking clockwise. I'm a counter-clockwise kind of girl.
I did two laps and passed many people who were also doing multiple laps.

Some people stop along the way to do other exercises. One man stopped halfway and did a session of TaiChi. Some people walk a warm-up lap and then start jogging.

Some people were pushing strollers, one woman was pushing a wheelchair.
A few people were walking dogs. One woman was walking a tiny dog, a mini Pomeranian, maybe. I passed her twice, but I can't believe that dog walked the entire way.

Some people were walking very slowly and holding the hands of very elderly people. Those elderly people looked like they were so happy to be out in the sunshine and fresh air. Some people were young couples, holding hands while they strolled in the park. They would stop to look out over the water, or stop to sit on a bench.

There was a woman laying on the steps of the Amphitheater. A few steps above her was another woman taking her picture.I don't think it was a professional photo shoot because she was using a small digital camera. The model had very long, blond hair. She was wearing a brightly colored dress, black high heels and white underwear. The reason I know (and everyone walking counter-clockwise knew) is because she was laying on the step with one knee drawn up and we all had a clear shot right up her dress. Men's heads were spinning.

I thought she was young, but then she sat up and I realized she was probably close to 50 years old and doing a Barbie Doll imitation.

I need to take pictures of the garden. There are small statues of children and animals that pop up in unexpected places.


Fannie said...

Adore the image of the fifty year-old woman; good for her!

Amy A. said...

Yes, yes! You need to take your camera. I want to see all that stuff. Except the underwear part. I don't need to see that.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That does sound like a wonderfully inspiring place to walk!

Kerry said...

The Lose My Fat Ass Project sounds like a great idea. I'm joining! I don't know what happened, but I used to be able to eat whatever I wanted and then I turned 25. Stupid metabolism changes. Of course, I've had five years to adjust and haven't so I guess it's my fault now. Dammit.