Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Mememe

I grabbed this one from Jen over at jenontheedge.
These are a few of my favorite things:

Political Show-I'm all about the sarcasm, so it's usually Bill Maher or Rachel Maddow

Picnic Food- Smashed Potato Salad (recipe provided upon request)

Mixed Drink- Sex on the Beach, Appletini

US far.

Kind of Student to Teach-The only teaching I've done is CCD to the little kids at church. I did 5 years of First Grade and 1 year of Second Grade. Those Second Graders nearly put me over the edge!

Hobby-Dabble at many, excel at none. I've done knitting (pretty good), Cross Stitch (really good), Scrapbooks (very good), Cardmaking (just learning) Sewing (haven't since the kids grew up, want to start again, need a new sewing machine, mine is 30 years old)
ALWAYS have a book going on. Reading is definately my favorite.

Sports Commentator- Don't know any names. Whatever face is on the screen.....EXCEPT a certain ex-Dolphin whose name rhymes with Man Darino.

Sports to Watch on TV-Mr Sunshine State is 98% jock at heart. We watch Football, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Bass Fishing, Figure Skating (not him, just me), Poker, Cooking Contests.

Pet- My mom hates animals but I had a few cats growing up. They usually lived with us for about 2 months, then got shipped out to someone else. After we got married, we had Bud (the yellow tabby) and Miller( the grey tabby). Miller died at 2 from a tumor near his windpipe, Bud lived to be 15 and died of liver failure. He was THE BEST CAT in the world. Then we had Chip the chocolate colored lop eared bunny, and now TIGGER the 24 pound crotchety mess who is 10.

Halloween Costume-The year I was pregnant with Cape Cod Kid, I went to a party as a Giant Pregnant thermal underwear with a giant pompom sewn on the butt, bunny ears and my whiskers drawn on with eyeliner.

Dessert-So much sugar, so little time. Pie, cake, brownies. All-time fave is ICE CREAM! I inherited this love from my grandmother. We would rather skip a meal and go straight for the ice cream. I still think of her every time I eat it.

Footwear-Oh Dear Lord, a SORE SUBJECT! (Get it, sore feet?) My right foot is toast. I have arthritis which caused the bone in my heel to press on a nerve and I've broken 2 toes and had a giant bone spur which scraped the Achilles tendon for over a year. I finally had surgery in Feb of 2006, which corrected the heel issues, but I still have a lot of nerve pain. So now I live in The Sunshine State where I can live year-round in flip-flops, sandals and slides. I wear my Birkie Ugly Black Clogs to work. There are NO favorite shoes anymore.

Ice Cream-Vanilla Swiss Almond, Chocolate/Peanut Butter, Mint Chocolate Chip.

College/University President- Don't know any

Vacation Spot-Pretty much anything historical

Wine- Not so much. I like White Merlot. I know, you're gagging. Someone told me that's considered low-class (not the gagging, the White Merlot).

Time Waster- Della, my laptop, currently in Rehab, hopefully out soon.

Reality Show- None currently. When Sorority Girl is here, we do Bravo Marathons.

Jewelry on a Man-Actually, none. Mr Sunshine State has had 2 wedding rings. One got stolen from the hospital bathroom the night Cape Cod Kid was born. The other one is at the bottom of Mashpee-Wakeby on the Cape. It flew off in an exciting waterskiing maneuver.

Pizza Topping- Onions, mushrooms and the occasional green peppers.

Kid's Movie- When Cape Cod Kid was young, we watched Bedknobs and Broomsticks at least 50 times.

CELEBRITY YOU WISH WOULD RETIRE- I'm in a Live-and-Let-Live mood today, so I won't pick one.


Anonymous said...

If you're offering smashed potato salad recipes, I'm totally going to accept it and with gratitude.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Amen to what Jenontheedge said--yum!
White Merlot...I never heard of that!
Poor Mr. SS for losing those rings.

velocibadgergirl said...

What is the deal with the guys and the waterskiing? My dad lost his first wedding ring the exact same way!